Stadium Opened: 1992
Capacity: 48,876
Dimensions: LF- 337 ft.  CF- 417 ft.   RF- 320 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Parking: Since Camden Yards is located in downtown Baltimore, there are a variety of parking options. Parking is also available to be purchased ahead of time on official Orioles team website. Fans might want to arrive early to the game since once you pay for parking, you are free to stroll the inner harbor area before the game. There is also a Light Rail Station just outside Camden Yards for mass transit.

Eutaw Street: Eutaw Street is located between the warehouse and the ballpark. It is a festive area similar to Fenway Park's Yawkey Way. For night games, Eutaw Street opens at 5:00pm for ticketed fans only. Fans may roam Eutaw Street and also can catch batting practice from the Bleachers and the Flag Court. Along Eutaw Street, there are brass baseballs embedded in the sidewalk to indicate where homerun balls have landed. Eutaw Street also features many concessions and historical tributes. Restrooms are available on Eutaw Street.


The Warehouse: The B & O Warehouse beyond the right field wall is the longest building on the east coast. A 432 Ft. homerun could reach the warehouse. The building houses team offices and a private club. Stadium lights are mounted on top of the warehouse to incorporate it into the ballpark.


Hungry?: In addition to concession stands in the main concourse area, head out to Eutaw Street for some tasty concessions. Boog's Bar-B-Q (named for Boog Powell) serves Baltimore's finest beef, pork, and turkey. They also have beans and cole slaw. Jack Daniel's Grill, also on Eutaw Street features ribs and chicken. If you want a taste of Maryland, head to "Old Bay Seafood" near Gate E for your choice of crab cakes, crab sandwiches, Maryland Crab soup, and Old Bay Slaw.

Boog's BBQ



A Different Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Camden Yards is very relaxed. A good portion of Orioles fans had on Khacki pants and golf shirts.....rather than just Orioles t-shirts and jerseys. The fans were not as rowdy as some other stadiums, but they were still very much into the game.

One thing to also be aware of is that the Orioles fans have an unusual way of singing the National Anthem.  If you didn’t know this ahead of time, you’d wonder what in the world they were doing.  The fans yell “O” (for Orioles) in unison when the “Star Spangled Banner” reaches “O’ say does that star-spangled banner yet wave…”

Proud of their Past: Throughout the stadium, there are a lot of reminders of past Orioles' success, mainly Cal Ripken. There is also a statue of Babe Ruth, whose birthplace is just two blocks from Camden Yards.



Double Decker: The double decked bullpens allows fans to easily see the pitchers warming up.


Random Orange Seats: There are two random orange seats mixed in with the dark green seats throughout the stadium. In Section 96, row 7, seat 23, an orange seat marks where Eddie Murray's 500th career homerun landed. In Section 86, row FF, seat 10, an orange seat commerates Cal Ripken's 278th homerun as a shortstop which broke Ernie Banks' record.


A Blocked Skyline: Two buildings (a Hilton hotel and a high rise apartment building) that were completed in 2009 block some of the Baltimore skyline from the ballpark. There were many complaints when these buildings were erected. The Hilton hotel blocks the view fans used to have of the historic Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower and the Maryland National Bank Building (which can be seen in this photo).


Review is based on my visits on 9/30/00 and 7/27/08.


Overall Rating: 8.5

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