Stadium Opened: 1991
Capacity: 40,615
Dimensions: LF- 347 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 347 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: Comiskey Park

Parking: There is a large lot located next to the stadium which is $23. A little steep considering that is more than the brand new New York parks. Just a little tip... if you arrive before the gates open, there are rest rooms which are open near the main entrance of the park. They can be accessed without entering into the stadium.

A New Look : Renovations were done to US Cellular Field in 5 phases, beginning in 2001 and ending in 2009. The most obvious changes were the removal of several rows in the upper deck and the addition of an overhang in the upper deck. Also, all of the blue seats were replaced with dark green seats. So, if you visited the park before 2001 or even before 2009, it is definitely worth taking a trip back.


Check out a piece of history: Before you enter the park, walk over to the parking lot north of the park to see the location of home plate at old Comiskey Park.


Keep out! : The most important thing you should know about US Cellular Field before you visit is that if you have a ticket for the upper deck, you are NOT allowed into the field level concourse.

Statues: White Sox Legends Sculpture Plaza is located in the outfield concourse area. There are 6 statues: Minnie Minosa, Carlton Fisk, Billy Pierce, Charles Comiskey, Luis Aparicio, and Nellie Fox.


Dungeon: The upper deck concourse is very dark....but there are some nice murals painted on the walls of White Sox history.


FUNdamentals: The kids play area called "FUNdamentals", is located in left field. I like how the play area is hidden, but I don't care for the large sign for the play area. It takes away from the character of the park. If you look in the picture below, the kids area is located right below the red Comcast sign in left field.


Stock up before the game: Within the first hour after the gates open, hot dogs are 2 for 1.

Reminders of Comiskey Park: Throughout the park, there are some items that were taken from Comiskey Park. In the outfield concourse area is the Chicagoland Plumbing Council Shower. Also, the pinwheels on the scoreboard are from Comiskey Park.


Fireworks: After a White Sox player hits a homerun, fireworks go off. The scoreboard also lights up and the pinwheels spin.

Rain Room: The Rain Room, located near the outfield concourse, offers an area for fans to cool off.

Hungry?: All of the concession stands have a unique name. In most cases, stands have a reference to a former White Sox player. Below is "Ozzie & Harold's All-Star Stand", referring to Ozzie Guillen and Harold Baines. In the second picture, there is 'Big Hurt's Pizza" (Frank Thomas) and "Black Jack's All-Star Stand" (Jack McDowell). A unique concession item is the Comiskey Dog. There was also frozen margaritas available.


Simple: One thing I do like about the park is that it is very simple to navigate. You don't have to try to figure out how to get to certain areas of the park since the layout is very symmetrical.

Why such a bad rap? : I don't think US Cellular Field deserves the bad rap that it gets. Prior to my visit, I had heard many people bashing the surrounding area and the ballpark itself. Sure, I don't recommend wandering around the neighborhoods near the park, but I didn't feel this area was any different from the Bronx and Flushing, NY. As far as the park itself goes, I think it is one of my favorites.



Review is based on my visit on 8/7/09.


Overall Rating: 7.5

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