1 Citizens Bank Way
Philadelphia, PA

Stadium Opened: 2004
Capacity: 43,647
Dimensions: LF- 329 ft.  CF- 401 ft.   RF- 330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None


Parking: In 2011, parking was $15. There are several lots between Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. Just be aware that some require special passes.

Food: Of course when you come to Philadelphia, you need to have a Philly Cheese Steak. In addition to Cheese Steaks, there are plenty of other options. Bull's BBQ, located near the right field gate offers chicken, ribs, and turkey legs. Chickie's & Pete's serves crab fries. Connie Mack's has crab cakes and nachos. Hatfield brand hot dogs are sold at many stands. The Schmitter sandwich is located near section 140. There's also Planet Hoagie, Seasons Pizza, and Campo's (Cheese Steak). CBP was voted "Best Ballpark Eats" by the Food Network (2007).


Statues: There are four 10-foot tall bronze statues of Phillies Hall of Famers Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt. The Connie Mack statue that was part of Veterans Stadium and Connie Mack Stadium has been relocated to the west side of Citizens Bank Way. The four Joe Brown statues once at the Vet have been relocated to the perimeter of the parking lot where the Vet once stood.

Robin Roberts Statue

Skyline View: Citizens Bank Park features a view of the Philadelphia skyline, unlike Veterans Stadium.

Ashburn Alley: Located in the outfield concourse area. This area contains concessions stands, games, Wall of Fame, All-Star Walk, and Memory Lane. The Wall of Fame is closed 30 min. prior to the game as well as during the game.

Wall of Fame



Retired Numbers: Richie Ashburn (1), Jim Bunning (14), Mike Schmidt (20), Steve Carlton (32), Robin Roberts (36) and Jackie Robinson (42) are displayed on top of the Ashburn Alley concession buildings.

The Field: The field faces the Philadelphia skyline. The right field wall is made up of a scoreboard and the "batter's eye" consists of ivy growing on a brick wall. The HD video board is 76 ft.x 93 ft. and is located in left field. The bullpens are stacked and the Phillies bullpen is the one closest to the field.

Visitors' Bullpen

Liberty Bell: The 35 x 50 foot Liberty Bell rings and lights up after every Phillies homerun. It is located in right center field.

Starting Line-ups: The Phillies' starting lineup is displayed with giant Topps baseball cards on the wall behind the left field scoreboard building. The cards are each 10 ft. tall.

Ugh, a playground: I get very annoyed when ballparks put in playgrounds. Everyone should be here to watch the game. Isn't that what you paid for??

The Phillie Phanatic: The team's mascot is the popular Phillie Phanatic who rides into the ballpark on his quad. There are several places in the ballparrk named after this beloved mascot: Phanatic Phun Zone (play area), Phanatic Attic (team store geared towards kids), and the Phanatic Phood Stand (concessions for kids).

Overall Rating: 8.5

Review is based on my visit on: April 17, 2004


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