Stadium Opened: 2000
Capacity: 41,681
Dimensions: LF- 345 ft.  CF- 420 ft.   RF- 330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Parking: Comerica Park is located in the downtown section of Detroit. There are many privately run lots and garages near the stadium. You'll just need to hunt around for the cheapest price. Prices range from $10-$25. The $10 lot advertises itself as just a "7 minute stroll" to the park. (Prices as of 2009 season)

Museum or Ballpark? : The outside of Comerica Park is decorated with many tiger sculptures. The tigers have a baseball in their mouths. The sculptures were neat looking, but there was just too many. It was a good idea that was overused. I started feeling like I was at Disneyland or something.


Carnival....not a baseball stadium: There is just too much entertainment throughout the park for fans to do, other than watch the game. These things should be saved for a minor league park. There was a ferris wheel with a baseball design and a carousel with tigers. They were cool looking, but they just don't belong in a ballpark. Quite different from Tiger Stadium.



Ferris Wheel


I need this in my backyard : There was a great looking baseball fountain near the food court area. This would look great in my backyard!


The Big Cat Court: The Big Cat Court is a food court located on the field level. It was a nice idea, but it is just overdone. There are just too many things crammed into this area (ferris wheel, carousel, picnic tables, fountain, etc.). There is some good food located in the food court such as a Mexican stand which had some nice looking taco salads. Another stand called "Side Kicks" served chicken fingers and corn dogs. There was also a stand selling Chicago style hot dogs, an Asian stand which had stir fry and egg rolls, and a frozen daiquiris out of machines that resembled Slurpee machines. These frozen daiquiris were a big hit because they were served in a yard style cup with a Tigers logo.


Pizza, Pizza!: There are Little Caesar's pizza stands everywhere you turn. The stand served about the smallest piece of pizza I have ever seen in a box that gave the buyer the impression that they were getting something the size of a personal pizza. Surprise...when you open it up, there is a tiny little slice inside. Enjoy! In general, concession items seemed to be about 25 cents cheaper than at US Cellular Field.



Seating Bowl and Field: The seating bowl consists of dark green seats. The area around home plate is shaped like a home plate rather than a circle and there is a path to the mound.



Upper Deck


Cramped: One of my major complaints with Comerica Park is that it just feels cramped in the concourse areas. I think this is caused by the large number of free standing concession stands that line the concourse areas.

Fountains: There are fountains in the batter's eye section of the park that go off before the game and in between innings throughout the game. In 2009, General Motors dropped its sponsorship due to financial troubles, but the Tigers elected to keep the name atop the fountains. They also added a Chrysler and Ford logo and the statement: "The Detroit Tigers Support Our Automakers".


Retired Numbers and Statues: Retired numbers are displayed on the brick wall in left field. Statues of former players are in the outfield concourse area.

Retired Numbers on Brick Wall


Back of the Statues


Ty Cobb Statue


Scoreboard: The scoreboard features two tigers on top of it. The video board section is small compared to other newer parks.


Where's the growl? : I was disappointed when I left the park because I never heard a Tiger growl as a sound effect and thought that would have been a key component of the sound effects played during a game. I looked this up on the internet and found out that a tiger growls after the Tigers score a run. I went to a game where the Tigers lost 10-0, so that explains why I never heard it.


Review is based on my visits on 8/8/09.


Overall Rating: 8

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