Stadium Opened: 1912
Capacity: 33,871
Dimensions: LF- 310 ft.  CF- 390 ft.   RF- 302 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Parking: There are several parking lots/garages to choose from within a short walk to the park. Just make sure you shop around for the lowest price since some of the lots can be priced very high, almost near $50. I usually park in the Landmark Shopping Center garage. in 2011, it cost $25 to park there, which is one of the lower priced lots.

Yawkey Way: Yawkey Way is a festive extention of Fenway's concourse. It is blocked off to traffic 3 hours before game time. Here you'll find concessions, live music, and a team store.

Team Store and Starting Line Up


Food: Since the stadium concourse is only one level, the number of concession stands is limited, but Fenway park makes the best of the space it has in order to try to fit the most stands in the stadium. Get your food before the game, because once the game starts, the lines tend to be long. Fenway used to offer a 25% off food prices within the 1st hour and a half that gates were open, but when I returned for my visit in 2011, this did not seem to be the case anymore. Most of the food options can be found in the "Big Concourse", located between Gate B and Gate C. In the "Big Concourse", there is a great variety of concessions. One of the unique offereings is "Fenway's Turkey Gobbler Sandwich" which has sliced Boar's Head brand turkey, cranberry sauce, hot stuffing, and gravy on a Kaiser Roll.

Stand featuring New England Clam Chowder and Lobster Rolls



The Green Monster: The left field wall is 36 feet and 2 inches tall. The manual scoreboard is located on this wall. Balls that are hit off the scoreboard make a loud noise. The bar seats located on top of the wall are called the "The Green Monster" seats. These seats are very pricey and difficult to get! In 2011, these seats cost $165 each. I think the addition of the "Monster Seats" took away from the intimidation of the height of the wall.

Sweet Caroline: Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" is played before the bottom of the 8th inning at Fenway. I have no problem with fans singing aloud, I just wish they would sing it right and not add in the obnoxious "so good, so good, so good" and the other non-sense. Just sing it as it was meant to be sung. I absolutely can't stand this part of the game that I almost need to go hide in the restrooms during it so I don't get extremely annoyed. It's a GREAT song, just sing it RIGHT or don't sing it at all.

What's that random red seat?: The red seat in the outfield marks Ted Williams' homerun, the longest homerun in Fenway Park history. The seat is located in Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 and it is 502 feet from homeplate.


It's Old, what do you Expect?: Given the age of Fenway Park, they do the best job they possibly can with trying to utilize every amount of space possible for either seats or concession stands. In order to keep the seating capacity as "high" as it is, the seats can not be replaced. Therefore, the old wooden seats just need to be repainted often. There also isn't much leg room, as shown below. If you are tall, you might be a little uncomfortable. Also, the aisles tend to be a little narrow. In addition to the seats being a little cozy, there are also some obstructed view seats due to the columns that support the grandstand. Tickets are not labeled as such, so you may find out when you take your seat that the pitcher is blocked or something significant. At my most recent game, the pitcher was blocked by a column, which made for a very interesting view of the game. Frustrating, but I guess it's better than the grandstand collapsing on top of me. If a new park was built like this, it would be totally inexcusable.

A Little Tight

Narrow Aisle


Some Seats have an obstructed view


New High Definition Videoboard in 2011: A HD videoboard was installed in 2011. The new videoboard measures approximately 38 feet high by 100 feet wide. Also, smaller video boards will be added to the right and left of the main videoboard.

Classic Ballpark: Much like Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park has managed to upgrade certain features of the ballpark, yet maintain a classic look and feel.




Review is based on my visits on 4/12/03, 8/30/09, and 4/9/11.


Overall Rating: 9

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