Stadium Opened: 2001
Capacity: 41,900
Dimensions: LF- 344 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 345 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Parking.....Bring your Walking Shoes: There are several large lots around the stadium. The closer to the stadium, the more expensive. The general parking lots are a long walk to the park. Since parking prices are fairly low compared to other parks, it's worth splurging for "preferred parking" so that you don't have such a long walk. Also, you can pre-pay for parking up to 4 hours before the game and save a lot of money. Just go to the box office and buy a parking pass. For $12 prepaid, we parked in the preferred parking section.


Tailgating: Tailgating is a huge tradition in Milwaukee. I have never seen so many people tailgating before at any other park.

Check out the Parking Lot: There are two things you should see in the parking lot surrounding the stadium. First, check out Helfaer Field. Halfaer Field is used as a Little League field. The historical marker for County Stadium is inside Halfaer Field on the concourse. Also, there is another historical marker in the parking lot. The landing site of Hank Aaron's last homerun is marked.

Robin Yount Statue


Walk of Fame: The Walk of Fame commerates past Milwaukee players. It starts outside the park near the statues of Robin Yount and Hank Aaron. Each inductee is honored with a granite engraved home plate. Some of the players honored are Paul Moliter, Robin Young, Rollie Fingers, and Cecil Cooper.


Autograph Alley: Located on the Field Level near "The Hot Corner". The exhibit features autographed balls from Milwaukee greats.


Brats & Beer: The two main concession items in Milwaukee are brats and beer. According to a national survey, Miller Park is the only ballpark that sells more brats than hot dogs.


The Best Mascot: Miller Park has one of the best mascots in MLB. Bernie Brewer spends most of the game outside his dugout above the left field bleachers. When the Brewers first come to bat in the bottom of the 1st and after a Brewers homerun, Bernie slides down his famous slide. Unfortunately, Bernie no longer slides into a giant mug of beer. Apparently, things have to be politically correct these days. Bernie can be rented for $200.


Run, Sausage, Run! Make sure you don't miss the famous sausage race. Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, and Chorizo go head to head in a race in the middle of the 6th inning. The Chorizo became a full time participant in 2007. The racing sausages are available to rent at $100 per sausage--too funny! They should come to my wedding, that would be great! In 2003, Randall Simon (a former Pittsburgh Pirate) took a baseball bat and hit and knocked down the Italian Sausage, which then took down the Hot Dog as well. He was fined and suspended. This incident caused a flurry of merchandise to be made with the slogan, "Don't whack our wiener".


Roll out the Barrel.....: In addition to the singing of "Take Me out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch, the Beer Barrel Polka is also sung as a tribute to Milwaukee's brewing industry.

The Uecker Seats: There is a section of obstructed view seating called "The Uecker Seats" which sell on game days only for $1. They are located high in the upper deck behind home plate. Jokingly, at other parks the worst seats are referred to as "Uecker Seats".


Citgo, C it Go: A homerun counter in the form of a Citgo gas pump is in the outfield seating area. The distance of homeruns is also displayed on the counter.


It's a bird, it's a plane....no it's a butterfly: The structure of the retractable roof is in the shape of a fan, but also has a butterfly look to it from the outside. Despite the fact that the roof is retractable, even when the roof is open the stadium has a closed feel to it. This is one of the major downfalls to the park.


Free Programs : The Brewers offer a free gameday program called "Brewers Gameday"

Kids Area: There is an interactive kids area that contains statues of the sausages and a racing sausage game. There is also a replica slide and Bernie Brewer dugout.

View of the field from the Pressbox



Review is based on my visit on 8/14/09.


Overall Rating: 7

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