June 30, 2009

Attendance: 46,181


Yankees 8

Mariners 5


Traffic was slow on the way into the stadium due to the rain. At least three of the six pay stations for parking inside the garage were "Out of Service" so the lines to pay for parking were ridiculous. Not wanting to risk not receiving the t-shirt giveaway, we opted to pay after the game.

Got my shirt! Yeah!


The start of the game was delayed due to rain. Luckily, the storm was supposed to move out of the area in an about an hour.

The rain finally stopped after a 58 minute delay and the grounds crew got the field ready for the game. Good thing the Yankees have a good drainage system, since that is a big puddle of water in front of the tarp.

All the water is gone and we are ready for baseball. Joba Chamberlain took the mound for the Yankees. Throughout the game, we had a lovely fan sitting 2 rows behind us that thought it was appropriate to yell profanity out towards the players. After doing this several times, he crossed the line when he called Ken Griffey, Jr. a "p _ _sy". After that comment, a fan turned around and said to him, "Come on man, there are kids around." The response from the inappropriate fan: "Oh, sorry, I didn't know". Wow---he's right, why would you think there would be any kids mixed in the 46,181 fans in attendance? What an idiot! People like this have no common sense....and to think this drunk guy was going to probably get in his car and drive home after the game is scary.

The Yankees win 8-5. Mariano Rivera earned his 501st career save.

Now, had to pay for parking that we didn't get to pay for before the game because the line was too long. We had to wait in line for a few minutes to pay, but nothing major. We then spent an enjoyable hour in the parking garage trying to get out. Traffic was not moving at all. Apparently fans think that beeping their horns makes traffic move faster. I don't understand the Yankees parking system of having to insert the parking ticket in the machine on your way out. This slows things done so much!

The Deegan had about 4 lanes merging into one. Of course, there aren't any lines on the road marking the lanes, which makes it all the more fun!