Stadium Opened: 1971 (demolished in 2004)
Capacity: 62,382
Dimensions: LF- 330 ft.  CF- 408 ft.   RF- 330 ft.
Surface: Artificial Turf
Former Names of Ballpark: None


Demolished in March 2004


Parking: Large lots ranging from $7- $10 to park.  Some are a far walk from the stadium, but neighborhood seemed okay.   No parking garage.


Food: Long  lines at concession stands. Variety of food- cheese steaks, chicken fingers, Pizza, Hatfield Hotdogs.

"Jumbo" hot dog w/sauerkraut

Regular hot dog

History: Veterans Stadium was lacking the atmosphere of teams with past histories of world championships.  The outfield walls displayed retired numbers of a handful of Phillies such as, Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, and Steve Carlton.  Other than that, there was not other reminder of past accomplishments.  The screen in centerfield never once showed highlights of any past Phillies great moments. 

Retired numbers on right field wall


Atmosphere: The 7th inning stretch consisted of the most pitiful rendition of “Take me out to the ballgame” that I have ever heard.  Very few people sang along.

Phillie Phanatic: The Phillie Phanatic made his appearance twice throughout the game.  Despite, the long tradition this mascot has, it seems as if he is very outdated and does not incite much energy in the crowd.

Stadium Design: Long ramps leading to levels. The circular seating gave a feeling of enclosure.  The stadium almost feels like you are in a dome since you can’t really see daylight out in the outfield. Illuminated Liberty Bell hanging from centerfield façade.

Overall Rating: 5

Review is based on my visit on July 17, 2001.


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