Stadium Opened: 1964
Capacity: 55,601
Dimensions: LF- 338 ft.  CF- 410 ft.   RF- 338 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Getting to the Park and Parking: Driving to the stadium can be a nightmare....beware. There is a large lot surrounding the stadium, although many fans arrive via the "7" train.

Food: Hot dogs, French Fries, pretzels, sausage, etc.  Nothing really unique. The Nathans stand seems to be the most popular.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Shea is basically the same as it is in other large cities, except for the fact that at Shea, you get to hear loud planes fly overhead to LaGuardia Airport.  The view of the parking lot over the outfield fence is hardly picturesque.

"The Big Apple": Perhaps the best feature of Shea Stadium is located behind the fence in center field, just to the right of the 410 mark. There is a Mets Magic Top Hat. When a Met hits a homer, a red Big Apple rises out of the black top hat and lights up.


  • The upper deck seats feel extremely far from the field.
  • Small set of bleachers in the outfield.
  • The color of the seats are terrible.



Review is based on my visits on: 8/15/01, 8/29/01, and 9/7/08.


Overall Rating: 6

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