Stadium Opened: 1923, renovated in 1975
Capacity: 57,478
Dimensions: LF- 318 ft.  CF- 408 ft.   RF- 314 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None

Getting to the Park and Parking: There is a subway stop right outside the stadium. If you are driving, there are parking garages and numerous surface parking lots. If you park in a garage, be prepared for it to take you about an hour to get out of the garage after the game, unless you have parked on the first level.  Parking is a little pricey, but what do you expect in New York City! If you park across the street, you'll walk through the pedestrian walkway over the road, where there is always someone playing a musical instrument for money. Just adds to the charm.

"The Bat": On your way into the stadium, take note of the smoke stack made to look like a Louisville Slugger. It is located outside Gate 4 near the pedestrian tunnel. This is usually a popular meeting spot for fans trying to meet up with other fans. The "bat" is 120 feet tall. Here is a link to photos of "The Bat" being installed. Very Cool.

Field & The Facade: The team flags on top of the facade are displayed in terms of the current standings.

This is the ledge the stand on to change the flags


Food: Hot Dogs, pretzels, French fries, pizza, chicken fingers, ice cream, nachos….the usual. There is a food court (section 20, left field) which can be very crowded, the Sidewalk Cafe (Section 21 right field), and The Stadium Club (Section 12, left field - which requires proper dress and passes to enter).

Monument Park: Monument Park contains plaques and retired numbers of Yankee greats (only open up to 45 min. prior to the game).If you won't get in line to get in as soon as the gates to the stadium open, you probably aren't getting in to Monument Park. Your best bet is to take a tour of Yankee Stadium on a non-game day, which includes Monument Park.

Freddy: "Freddy" (Full name:  Freddy Schuman)- unofficial “mascot”.  (check out: Freddy Sez.com). Freddy walks around the stadium during the game carrying a frying pan with a shamrock painted on it.  Fans can come up to him and bang on the pan with a spoon.  It is a distinctive sound that can be heard throughout the stadium.  The pot is usually hit with the same rhythm each time.  He is carries a sign with him that pertains to the current status of the Yankees.  On his website, you can view some of the signs that he has carried in the past.  Sadly, Freddy Schuman passed away on October 17, 2010.

PA Announcer: Bob Sheppard has a very distinctive voice and takes great pride in his succinct pronunciation of players' names. He always announces a player in this format: the player's uniform number, player's name, position, and uniform number again ("Now Batting, #2, Derek Jeter, Shortstop, #2). Sheppard has a plaque in Monument Park in his honor. Sadly, Bob Sheppard passed away on July 11, 2010.

"Roll Call" and The Bleachers: The dedicated “Bleacher Creatures” call out the names on all of the Yankees on the field in the first inning until each player acknowledges the bleachers with a wave.  The roll call is lead by a fan, nicknamed, “Bald Vinny”. Once "Roll Call" is completed, the bleacher creatures usually lead another cheer, "Box Seats Suck". The Bleachers are a non-alcoholic seating area in the stadium and fans are also restricted from the other parts of the stadium. If you have tickets for the bleachers, you enter in the bleachers entrance and can not access the rest of the stadium.

Other Notable Trademarks:

  • The Grounds crew performs the YMCA while they clean the field.

  • White façade in the outfield (technically called, frieze)

  • The playing of Frank Sinatra’s, ‘New York, New York” after a Yankees win.\

  • Eddie Layton's organ playing
  • “Westminister Chime”- played after the scoring of every Yankees run.  This sound effect is taken from the beginning of the group, “2 Unlimited’s” song, “Workaholic”.

My Thoughts: You’re not going to find all the “bells and whistles” of the newer parks, but what you will find is a classic baseball atmosphere and stadium.   Bob Sheppard who is in his mid to upper 90’s, is very precise and clear.  This adds to the charm of the stadium.  His voice alone, just gives me the chills.  Taking a stroll through Monument Park to look at all of the retired numbers and plaques, reminds you of the legacy and tradition that this franchise has.  These two things alone, help you to forget about the cramped seating, narrow aisles, and dark, crowded concourse areas (see below).

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Overall Rating: 9

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