Exterior Photos

View from the Major Deegan


View of the stadium from the Circleline Cruise


Sign in the parking lot (13B)


Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance near the Parking Lot


Inside the Pedestrian Tunnel - where people often played instruments for money Like the man dress in black in this photo.



View coming out of the tunnel


Ticket Windows/Will Call


The famous "Bat"



Entrance to the Players and Personnel Parking Lot


John Sterling, radio broadcaster walking into the stadium


Jorge Posada signing an autograph on his way into the stadium


Entrance to one of the Team Stores


Logo on Light Posts


Famous Joe DiMaggio quote on outside of stadium


The parking garage we always parked in is on the right


Stadium Club Entrance


Bleachers Entrance - River Ave. side of the stadium


Inside the Stadium

Sign inside concourse


Monument Park

Fans who arrived early could visit Monument Park


Retired Numbers


Explanation of Origin of Yankees Logo in Monument Park

Don Mattingly's Plaque


View out to field from Monument Park


View of Bullpen from Monument Park


If you were lucky, you could catch a glimpse of batting practice and the field before heading up to your seats in the upper deck

Ramps up to other levels






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