1050 IronPigs Way
Allentown, PA

Stadium Opened: 2008
Capacity: 8,100 (10,000 with standing room only)
Dimensions: LF 336 ft.  CF 400 ft.  RF 325 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • $3- A few large lots next to stadium
  • Paved lots
  • Traffic flowed smoothly in and out of the stadium



  • Hot dogs, philly cheese steaks, pizza, chicken fingers, fries (cheese fries and Phillie fries), nachos with pork, pork, awesome pretzels, pierogies, and smoked turkey legs, etc. The Philly Cheese Steaks seemed to be a big hit. The little stand selling them had a really long line. They could have used a larger stand to accomodate all of the mouth-watering fans.
  • One of the more popular items seemed to be the seasoned corn on the cob from the "Aw Shucks" stand.
  • This is definitely a park that you come to eat at! Best variety that I have seen!
  • Various areas to sit down and eat at tables, and also plenty of ledge/counter space to stand and eat.
  • The Smokehouse concession stand


Seating/Stadium Design:

  • 2 decks of seating and luxury boxes
  • Lawn seating in the outfield

  • 360 degree concourse - only complaint is that it could be a little wider since it is cramped with the amount of people the Ironpigs draw each game.
  • Clubhouse Store
  • Red Robin Tiki Terrace (new in 2012)
  • The centerfield scoreboard and video screen was absolutely crystal clear.
  •  Upon entering the stadium, the first thing that I noticed was the sea of billboards in the outfield. How can a ballpark whose name is "Coca-Cola Park", not have enough money that they still need to get financial help from local businesses. The stadium is beautiful, but these sightly advertisements take away from its charm.

  • Excellent view into the bullpens from above.

  • Kids Play area in the outfield

  • Large picnic area for groups
  • Luxury Boxes are at field level behind home plate.



  • The game that I attended was the 2nd game of the regular season at the new park. Therefore, the staff still needed to iron out a few problems. For example, the gates did not open until an hour before game time. It then took 25 minutes of standing in line to get through the gates because the lines were not organized properly. There needed to be a staff member helping to make sure that the lines were forming correctly. I arrived at the game at 5:30pm, only to not be actually in the stadium until around 6:25pm. Kind of a disappointment, but like I said, I understand this was only the 2nd game at this park.
  • The atmosphere was calm and relaxed. Sound effects and music were kept to a minimum. In between innings contests did not reach the obnoxious level.
  • The park can feel a bit crowded
  • The massive amount of billboards takes away from the charm of the park
  • Starting lineups are posted in the concourse
  • Fans love the Mascot Race

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • "Pigs to the Bigs" wall


Overall Rating:

Review based on visit on 4/12/08, 7/3/09, and 4/15/12 visits.