130 Division St.
Auburn, NY

Stadium Opened: 1995
Capacity: 2,800
Dimensions: LF- 330 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF-330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Free parking, close to the stadium.



  • Good variety of food (Hot dogs (grilled not boiled), fries, pulled pork sandwiches, pretzels, Little Caesars Pizza, Nachos, and Ice Cream.
  • Very reasonable prices



Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Nestled in a neighborhood in Auburn, NY
  • Box seats (with waitress service), but mostly general admission seats



Falcon Park reminded me of a slightly updated Damaschke Field, which is a compliment. The stadium is located in a residential section of Auburn, NY. This contributes to the "old time" feel of the park. The fans are here to watch baseball, not to play in a kids play area, or watch contests between innings. If you go to a game at Falcon Park, it's because you want to see baseball, not for a carnival. There is one small area where kids can play some games, but it is limited to speed pitch and two other similar "games". You won't find any bouncy inflatables at Falcon Park....just good old fashioned baseball. I give credit to the Auburn Doubledays for building a park that focuses on the game, and not other activities. The park was built in 1995 when there were other parks being built with all the "bells and whistles" in them, but Auburn did not seem to give in to the "peer pressure". Good for them!

One other thing that I noted that contributed to more of an "old time" feel was that players from the away team were buying their dinner at the concession stands before the game. Fans were not bothering them at all, they let them buy their food in peace. You definitely wouldn't see this at any other level. Also, the Doubledays' players were very fan-friendly.

One "modern" component that could have been added to this park and yet still kept a traditional feel is a video board. It wouldn't even have to be a fancy one, just a mediocre video board would add a little more excitement to the park.

Sound effects (many of which were Price is Right sound effects) and music are kept to a minimum, which makes Falcon Park and enjoyable place to watch a game. There were a few in-between innings contests, but as I said earlier, the focus here was clearly the baseball game. This is the way it should be!

One flaw to point out was a song malfunction that occurred as the pitcher was warming up at the start of the game. Out of the speakers came this song filled with profanity, particularly something along the lines of, "There's a F--in' amount of N---gers here" or something similar to that lyric. The song played for maybe 15 seconds and it was shut off and nothing was played in its place. I looked around at some of the fans sitting near me and many of them just laughed and said "Oops....wrong song...somebody messed up". I thought that was a pretty light hearted reaction to this vulgar song....but I guess at that point, what can you do? I suggest the Doubledays make sure they have previewed the pitcher's choice of song before it is blaring away through the stadium speakers.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Doubledays Wall of Fame

Origin of Team's Name:

The team and its mascot are named after Abner Doubleday, the Civil War general credited with inventing the game of baseball.



Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 6/27/08.