Surface:  Natural Grass
Capacity: 6,012
Dimensions: LF-330 ft.   CF- 400 ft.   RF- 330 ft.
Stadium Opened: 1992


  • Parking $3 (in 2009)


  • Mostly the usual food at the usual price, with exception to the local favorite, the Spiedie
  • $1 hot dogs all the time

Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Dark concourse
  • seating bowl is divided into two levels with a walkway in between
  • Kids Play Area



  • View over the outfield fence is of the New York, Susquehanna, Western Railroad
  • Sound effects and in-between innings contests were kept to a minimum
  • Fans were into the game
  • Mascot's names are "Ballwinkle" and "Buddy the Bee"

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • NY Mets logo on exterior of the stadium
  • Binghamton Baseball Shrine


Overall Rating:

Review based on visist on 8/7/07, 7/6/09 and 4/24/10. Click on the date for game photos.

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