1904 Surf Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Stadium Opened: 2001
Capacity: 8,000
Dimensions: LF- 315 ft.  CF- 412 ft.   RF- 325 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: KeySpan Park


  • Parking was $5. There is a fairly good sized lot next to the stadium and one across the street. I advise NOT to park in the lot across the street unless you want to be trapped in and have to park your car this close to other cars. See photo below. Since we were in the wrong lane, we had no choice but to park in this sketchy lot. So, good luck.



  • Nathan's hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches,chicken fingers, Italian Sausages, cheese quesadilla, Nathan's fries, Carvel ice cream, also a few healthy options such as, fruit and Caesar Salad.
  • Free Standing concession stands
  • Prices were similar to other parks


Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Luxury Suites
  • Picnic Area with no view of the field
  • Some walkaways were designed to look like a boardwalk. I think they should have made the entire concourse area look like a boardwalk, not just one little section.
  • Concourse area was way too small. It was very crowded and it is hard to walk since a good portion of Brooklyn fans do not think that the normal rules for walking (stay to the right) apply in a ballpark.
  • Designed to look like a beach/boardwalk area
  • Team store



KeySpan park is located on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY, just a few blocks from Astroland, Coney Island's famous amusement park. The ocean and the amusement park can be seen from the park, which makes for a very unique and scenic setting. The stadium definitely has character due to its location, unfortunately, I don't feel it is "good" character. I was very disappointed with my visit to KeySpan Park. On paper, I am sure this looked like the absolute perfect place for a ballpark, but the size of that area of Brooklyn and the amount of people in that area, just can not handle it. It is very sad that the Brooklyn Cyclones did not realize this before they put the park here. They had a really good idea, I'll give them that much. It just was not executed very well. First, the concourse area is way too small and narrow. For many of the 7000 plus fans that attended the game that I was at, the park was just an extension of the beach. Fans didn't feel it was necessary to sit in their seats or change their young children's diapers in the restroom. Why not just do it right out on the concourse with "ushers" ( I guess that's what they were, although, I didn't see them doing any "ushering"...but more on that later.) standing right there. There was so much conversation going on (while standing up near their seats) by fans that the crack of the bat could not even be heard. I would say only about a quarter of the fans were there to actually watch the game. The rest of the fans, as I said earlier, must have just thought this was the place to go for dinner after a day at the beach. If that's what the people of Brooklyn are looking for, it would have been wiser to build more restaurants rather than a stadium. OK, now back to the "ushers". Again, another situation where it looks great on paper, but was not executed. The ushers wore tropical shirts, which I thought was cool due to the beach theme, but beyond that, they did very little. The night I attended a game, there was a large crowd, but not to the point where standing room only seating was sold. Well, (again, being that the stadium is just an "extension of the beach", throughout the whole game I had a family with about 4 children aged 3-6 standing behind me the whole game. We sat in the last row (row V). The parents were oblivious (either that, or they just didn't care...like the person sitting next to me, that couldn't be bothered to stand up or move his feet in so I could get out my ONE time during the game) to that fact that their children were kicking the back of our seats, heads, etc. the whole time while they used the railing as a piece of playground equipment. At one point, I reached back and put my arm on the railing to see if the parents would get the point (or the usher) that I was getting annoyed, but all that happened was the kids stood on my arm/hand. Now, keep in mind, this was done after numerous glances back at this family, like you would do in the movie theater if the people behind you are talking. The "polite glance" did not do the trick. I knew if I were to then say, "Excuse me, but your darling little children are stepping on my arm and making animal noises in my ear, would you like me to help you find your real seats?" , I would have been the one that was looked upon as being rude, not them. It's a sad, sad world we live in. Where were the ushers? I recently was at a park where there were lines marked on the concourse that said 'Do not stand here" as to alleviate this problem. They were very strict over this because they had active ushers. Since the concourse area at KeySpan is so crowded, I don't think that the ushers could really see what was going on anyway. But let me tell you, they looked darn good in those tropical shirts.

As far as the seating goes, congratulations to the Cyclones on not having a useless middle concourse area. Thank goodness, because I am not sure what would have went on there! Although, don't get too excited, I do have some complaints......first, the rows were too long. Well, maybe it was just the fact that the people sitting on either end of my row didn't feel it necessary to move one inch when I said "Excuse me" politely signaling that I would like to get out of my seat and enjoy some concessions. I almost got my leg stuck because I couldn't get out. Now, I am not a large person, so I could only imagine what might have happened if I was overweight or something. Therefore, I did not buy my usual amount of concessions. Next, the seats are not steep enough so you have a very hard time seeing over the person in front of you. I think the Cyclones should have made a second level of seating, which would have provided a better ocean view. Lastly, my cupholder was missing, and so was the one next to me. So, no cupholder, no drink. Sorry, you're loss on a $3.50 soda. I wonder if the soda sold is normally sold for $3.75 elsewhere, but because you aren't allowed to have the cap, they discounted it to $3.50? OK, perfect lead in to my next topic....soda caps. It is posted on the menu at the concession stands that the buyer can not keep the cap to their drink. So, not only did I not buy a drink because I didn't have a cup holder, but also because if I am not trusted as a fan to not throw my bottle cap around the stadium, then I don't want to give you my money. According to some postings online, I have read that some people feel that since you don't have a cap, it is easier to spill you're drink and then you'll have to buy another one at $3.50. I have been to numerous stadiums were soda is sold in a bottle, and the fans are given the precious responsibility of holding on to their cap. Imagine that! The best part of that is, that the fans use the cap for the soda bottle, not as a weapon or a piece of litter. Also, the calories were posted right next to items on the menu, which discouraged me from buying anything. Now, I understand this is a law in NYC now, but sorry, I can't buy a hot dog if it has to be plastered in my face that it is 400 plus calories.

I have one suggestion to the Cyclones about their scoreboard. It can't be seen from the 3rd base line so an auxilary scoreboard is needed elsewhere. Possibly over near the Cyclones bullpen.

Alright--now for the on-field entertainment in between innings. I have to say that the announcer who was leading the festivities was the most obnoxious announcer I have heard. My friend actually said to me at one point, 'Does he know that he has a microphone?" due to the fact that he was SCREAMING and his voice sounded like he had been straining it. I just wanted him to stop talking, it was sensory overload for me.

One positive about the park is that the field is beautifully manicured. Good job, grounds crew. As far as I am concerned, this park is a hassle to get to and an annoyance to sit in. I'll leave my seat open for the other people who are raving about this park. It's just not for me at all. Probably my first and last visit.

  • View of amusement park in the background
  • Circle of neon lights around field lights
  • Free programs



Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Nothing that I can recall



Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on my visit on 7/13/08.