Surface: Natural Grass
Capacity: 10,002
Dimensions:  Left 326 ft.  Centerfield 400 ft.  Right 325 ft.
Stadium Opened: 1990


  • Large paved lot in front of the stadium.
  • Most likely with a big crowd, there can be a little bit of a traffic jam getting out of the parking lot.
  • Parking is $4

Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Concourse is open to the field but they feel a little dark.
  • Colorful fold-down seats
  • Small screen/back-stop behind home plate makes for good sightlines.
  • Two levels of seating
  • The concession stands are screened in. It made me feel like the workers were behind "bullet-proof" glass or something like at a bank. Not a fan of this enclosed feel.
  • Berm seating area
  • Kids play area


  • Concessions seemed a bit pricey. Bottled soda was $4.00 in 2013.
  • Some of the specialty concessions include: Carved turkey breast basket, smoked beef brisket basket, and Featured burger basket.
  • Other concession items include: chili cheese fries, hot dogs, chicken fingers, chicken fried steak basket.


  • The colored seats add character to the ballpark. I am not sure that it is "good" character...but character nonetheless.
  • An unmemorable ballpark. The ballpark felt bland and sterile. They could have made use of the "castle" theme and really didn't. That is one of my biggest pet peeves...when teams have the chance to take advantage of a theme and they don't.
  • Focus was on baseball.
  • Mascot- "Homer" the Green Dragon.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Nothing that I could recall. Hopefully there was something I missed.



Overall Rating:

Review based on stadium visit on 6/30/13. Click on the date for game photos.


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