1155 West Mound St.
Columbus, OH

Stadium Opened: 1932
Capacity: 3,200
Dimensions: LF- 355 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF-330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Plenty of parking in a large lot next to the stadium




  • Vendors wear the prices on their t-shirts.
  • Food was reasonably priced


Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Most seats are under a covered grandstand and are general admission seats
  • Some seats have an obstructed view
  • Bleachers
  • Rooftop suites
  • Kids play area with inflatable bouncers with Clippers logo on them.
  • Fairly large and reasonably priced souvenir shop.
  • Small version of Monument Park beyond the outfield fence.
  • Cemetary beyond outfield fence



Unlike in many of the newer parks, the fans come to watch the game. You go to Cooper Stadium to watch baseball and nothing else. Unlike many of the newer stadiums, this park has character and tradition. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of the new stadiums, but I do find myself getting frustrated when it seems like fans have come out to the park to do everything, but actually watch the game! Sadly, 2008 was the last year the Clippers played at Cooper Stadium before they moved to their new park, Huntington Park.

Contributing to the "old-time" feel of Cooper Stadium were the friendly ushers and vendors. Even when not purchasing something, the vendors walked by and said. "hello" or just smiled. The majority of the vendors were older gentleman, rather than college age kids.

I hope that in the new stadium, the Clippers bring some of the tradition and character with them. Overall, a great place to watch a game.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Cooper Stadium does a good job at honoring past Clippers teams, despite changing Major League affiliates. Throughout the concourse area, you will see many banners of past Columbus Clippers players (most of which played when the Clippers were affiliated with the New York Yankees). Some of the banners included, Dave Righetti, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and Jorge Posada. The banners contained a picture of the players when they were Clippers.
  • There were also murals honoring past teams.


Overall Rating:

Special thanks to the Columbus Clippers for mailing me my stadium replica which was not ready to be picked up when I made my trip out to Ohio in April.

Review is based on my visit on 4/24/08.