14011 Kenton Ave.
Crestwood, IL

Stadium Opened: 1999
Capacity: 3,200
Dimensions: LF- 335 ft.  CF- 390 ft.   RF-335 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • $2 (in 2009)
  • Large lot next to the stadium




  • $1 deals at every game (Hot dogs, soda, popcorn). Excellent idea!
  • Concession lines were a little slow
  • RC Cola brand soda...blaaaaaah. Who does that! Come on people, Pepsi or Coke.


Seating/Stadium Design:

The first thing fans will notice when they arrive at Standard Bank Stadium is the power lines running through the parking lot.

The most unique feature of the park is that there is an upper deck on the third base side only. According to a source that I read on the internet, this was done due to space constraints caused by the power lines running close to the stadium. I don't know is this is 100% true though. The lower level seating bowl is only 7 rows deep, which puts fans close to the action.

Along the 1st base side of the concourse is a picnic deck that has a very unfinished feel to it. It just looks like they slapped up some plywood and called it a "Picnic Deck". Very boring and basic looking.

Further down the first base side concourse is a concession stand which sells basic ballpark fare. This was the line I got in and it was very slow. It seemed to be run by teenage girls who could stand to improve their efficiency. Along the 3rd base side is a narrow concourse which leads to the rest rooms, a small team store, and the kids play area. I am not sure that the narrow concourses could handle the crowd when the park is filled to capacity. Also, on the 3rd base side (actually closer to home plate) are a few luxury suites.


Although there is no video board, the team makes great use of the small message board in right field. Multiple statistics were flashed about the player at bat.


One unique aspect of the atmosphere at Standard Bank Stadium are the "Pole Guys". The "Pole Guys" are a group of men who stand around the light pole on the first base side. While I am glad that the Thunderbolts have such a loyal following, I didn't like that this group of men were allowed to hover around this pole and the back row of the lower level (which is where I sat). I just felt like I had someone hovering over me the whole game. It was kind of annoying since they did a lot of screaming and yelling. So, if you do attend a game here, you may want to ask for seats away from the "Pole Guys". Also, the "Pole Guys" were wearing t-shirts which said "Top 10 Reasons to be a Pole Guy" and then on the back of the shirt the 10 reasons were listed. One of the reasons contained profanity which I thought was a little classless since on the front of their shirt, there is a Thunderbolt logo (so I assume they got permission by the team, and the team ok'd this profanity). Strange. I have to admit though, there were two times during the game that I actually liked the "Pole Guys". Since the ushers were pointless and didn't stop kids from running around in the concourse and playing with a tennis ball, one of the "Pole Guys" reprimanded the boys and said "Hey, there's a game going on...watch it!". Also, one boy was running and one of the pole guys told him to walk. These guys were doing more than the usher near my section who just stood there watching the chaos take place.

Standard Bank Stadium created a nice atmosphere which contained a good variety of music in between batters that were not the same songs that you hear at every other park in the US. Good job to the sound guy! I have one very prestigious award that goes to SB Stadium........congrats on being the only Minor League park that I have been to that does not play the obnoxious sound effect from the "Cha-Cha Slide" song, "Everybody clap your hands...". I absolutely can NOT stand that sound byte and I was glad to watch an entire game without hearing it! There were some unique in between innings contests such as the "Giant Underwear Race" and the horse race which took place on top of the outfield wall.

Ushers could be a little bit more proactive. I understand their job is not to be a parent of the kids running around, but it seemed like very little was done to stop the nonsense. There certainly should not be any ball throwing taking place in the concourse area like there was when I was there.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

I don't recall seeing anything but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that there was something that I missed.



Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 8/11/09.