35300 Vine St.
Eastlake, OH

Stadium Opened: 2003
Capacity: 7,273
Dimensions: LF- 320 ft.  CF- 408 ft.   RF- 320 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • General parking is across the street from the ballpark. The roads around the parking lot get very backed up and it takes awhile to get into the parking lot. It is very hard to make a left into the parking lot since there isn't a very good turning lane and the sun is setting right in your face. They really need a cop assisting in this spot, it is dangerous.
  • Parking is $5, which is a little steep. Fans have to walk over a pedestrian bridge to get to the ballpark.
  • Free parking! No major traffic jams getting in or out of the ballpark.



  • The concession stands all have a nautical theme to their name. For example, "Castaway Bar", 'Midship Mexican", and many more.
  • Concessions include the usual ballpark fare and also tacos, burritos, taco salad, pizza, Root Beer Float and Apple Dumpling sundaes.
  • Prices were consistent with other minor league ballparks.
  • Concessions lines were really long.



Seating/Stadium Design:

Fans enter the ballpark by going up a set of stairs into the concourse. The concourse seemed to be a little narrow to me but they did a good job in corralling the concessions lines so the lines would stay out of the area to walk through. The seating bowl is made up of blue fold-down seats with cupholders. The last two sections in left field are angled in towards home plate creating an obstructed view of the left field corner. I don't like when ballparks are built like this. The videoboard/scoreboard is outdated (not high definition) and a little difficult to read. Hopefully the team looks into upgrading soon. The bullpens are in the left and right field corners. There is a bleacher section in left field and a berm area in right field. There is a kids play area behind the left field bleacher area. Fans can not walk around the entire ballpark once inside. There is a team store called "Cargo Hold". The field was not in good shape when I attended a game. There were two areas that needed to be patched with new sod.


  • The Captains made good use of incorporating the nautical theme into the ballpark by naming all of the concessions stands with a water related name, as well as putting a lighthouse in centerfield. I think the lighthouse should be much taller though. It really gets lost in centerfield.
  • The kids play area was mobbed with kids. It was a zoo.
  • One of my biggest complaints about the ballpark was that they will NOT sell you a bleacher seat until ALL of the Box seats are sold out. That is one of my biggest pet peeves, as I have seen this at a few other parks as well. This really should be put on the team's website so fans are aware. I went with the intention of purchasing a bleacher seat and was forced into buying a more expensive box seat. This is a big "no-no" to me in the world of ballparks.
  • Way too many updates on the 50/50 total!! We are here to watch baseball not to hear PSA in between every other batter.
  • Didn't care for the PA announcer. Little too much talking.
  • Free Programs


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • In the concourse area in right field, there is a wall of former Captains that have made it to the Majors. It really looks like these plaques were put her because there was no where else for them to go. The plaques are hard to read because the sun sets in the other direction and pours right onto these gold-ish plaques making them almost impossible to read.
  • There were also banners throughout the concourse honoring former Captains.

Overall Rating:

Review was based on visit on 8/23/13.