June 22, 2009

Attendance: 3,406


Hudson Valley 3

Brooklyn 2

The Renegades promotion wasa pair of 3D glasses so fans could see the first ever 3D baseball game. When I was handed a pair of these upon entering the stadium, my first reaction was, "Isn't baseball always in 3D?" I was hoping that maybe there was something exciting planned on the scoreboard but it ended up just being a joke on the fans just as I thought. It was kind of ironic that the Renegades were celebrating a "green" night and were giving tips on how to be "green" in between innings, but yet they wasted all this cardboard for a stupid joke.


Dwight Gooden was on hand to sign autographs and throw out the first pitch.



Brooklyn's Dock Doyle up at bat.


The Hanson sisters cheering on the Renegades.

Box Score