West Campus Dr.
Fullerton, CA

Stadium Opened: 1992
Capacity: 3,500
Dimensions: LF- 330 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • A very steep $5 Parking on weekdays/free on weekends


Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Three types of seating: box seats, bleacher seats, and then a few sets of free standing, run-down bleachers.
  • Net in front of homeplate and dugout seating






  • One main concession stand and a few free-standing carts. For a park that draws very poorly, (approximately 400 in attendance on the night I attended) concessions were very overpriced. A hot dog was $5, which is what a hot dog cost at Dodger Stadium. I went to the concession stand three times within about an hour and a half to try to get an order of nachos and everytime I went, I was told the cheese was not hot yet. No idea how this place handles a large crowd, when they could not even keep up with a crowd of less than 500 fans. Very disappointing.
  • Concession stands shut down around the 7th inning. Hmmm...what if I was thirsty in the 8th inning?




  • It's hard to comment on the atmosphere when less than 500 fans were in attendance when I went to a game. It was very quiet when the away team was up at bat, but when the Flyers were batting, the fans that were there seemed very dedicated.
  • Too many movie audio clips were played during the game. I don't mind an occasional clip played at an appropriate time, but they got carried away here.
  • Scoreboard was very outdated and did not function properly
  • There were a few on-field contests in between innings, nothing outrageous or unusual.
  • Some of the young workers were very unprofessional. I arrived to the game early and was standing waiting for the gates to open up and inside the gates, some of the workers were running around chasing each other with water guns and just acting like there was no one of importance there to keep them in line. To me, it seemed like typical teenager behavior on the job when the boss is out.
  • Overall, Goodwin Field was a bit of a disappointment. If they are concerned about raising their attendance totals (which they should be, considering they had a crowd back in June 2008 of less than 300)m they should think about lowering their concession prices, hiring some hard working kids, and really getting their act together. Unfortunately, I don't recommend this park to anyone who is not a hardcore baseball fan.
  • One unique feature was the 4 girls which made up the "Victory Girls". The "Victory Girls" danced on top of the dugouts in between a few innings. To me, it seemed like a desperate plea to bring in fans, a very tasteless and classless way. The girls were dressed it short navy blue shorts and skin tight Flyers jerseys. Instead of performing the "YMCA", or something else family oriented, the girls danced in a very seductive way. All night the PA announcer kept advertising the upcoming promotion of a "Victory Girls" poster, like they were "Playboy" models. These girls need to go, I'm sorry. They may be good dancers, but this is not the type of atmosphere for them. I wish them luck in their dancing careers, but I do not think a minor league baseball game is where they should be showcasing their talents. A very tacky move on the Flyers part to include this dance group. Why not use your mascot more to excite the crowd? Anyone, who wants to see something other than that, can stop by an adult entertainment/bar on their way home from the game.
  • 2 dirty inflatables in the kids area. Hmmm...how about take the time to rinse these things off? Maybe the teenagers who were running around with nothing to do should have hosed off these inflatables.


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:


Overall Rating:

Review based on stadium visit on 8/14/08.