1 Champion Way
Harrisburg, PA

Stadium Opened: 2010
Capacity: 6,187
Dimensions: LF 325 ft.  CF 400 ft.  RF 325 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: Metro Bank Park


  • Parking is $3.00 on City Island or you can park downtown and walk across the pedestrian bridge. I would recommend parking on City Island.



  • Prices were very reasonable
  • Food selection was great, plenty of options to choose from
  • Pizza Hut, Nachos, pretzels, ice cream, etc.
  • Plenty of tables in the sun of shade to sit and eat before the game.
  • I definitely recommend having a hot dog from "The Spot". They have all sorts of varieties of grilled hot dogs including the popular "Ollie Dog" which contains a grilled hot dog, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, bacon, fried onions, and a slice of pepper jack cheese. Yum!

Rendall Steak Burger from "The Spot"

"Ollie Dog"


Seating/Stadium Design:

The $42 million spent basically completely re-designed and re-built the entire park. The old grandstand was completely torn down and replaced, as well as additions of concourse areas, concession stands, luxury suites, and picnic areas. Therefore, it's basically a brand new ballpark. The improvements that were made to the park take advantage of the location as much as possible. Obviously, having the ballpark face the water would be the ideal thing to do, but I am sure that would have cost a lot of money, as well as raising other concerns, logistically.

  • Partially covered grandstand (seats are mostly under cover in the upper section) with dark green fold-down seats with cupholders.
  • Bleacher Seats along the base line
  • Counter Seating in the Outfield
  • Picnic Areas
  • "Ollie's" Cheap Seats (fold-down seats in left field)
  • Senators Team Store is located in the left field boardwalk area
  • Very Large Kids Play Area with many inflatables containing the team's logo (Out of sight, where it should be!)
  • Boardwalk - 360 degree concourse
  • Autograph Alley
  • Luxury Suites (3 dugout suites next to the visitor's dugout and 21 suits above the grandstand)
  • Very large Video Board and two sections of ribbon board
  • Unique Visiting Team Bullpen location allows you to be right on top of the action. This is one of my favorite features of the park.
  • Plenty of tables to sit at and enjoy your food either in view of the field or in view of the river.
  • Seats are pitched perfectly.....for once, a ballpark got it right! The steepness of the seats in the grandstand allow for an unobstructed view of the game. This earns major bonus points with me. Especially since I like to take alot of photos and don't enjoy getting other people's heads in my pictures.



Metro Bank Park (formerly called Commerce Bank Park) is located on City Island in the middle of the Susquehanna River.  The island contains the ballpark, a soccer stadium, mini-golf, batting cages, and various little shops and concession stands along the water’s edge. 

My biggest complaint prior to the major renovations was that since the park had such a unique location, it was disappointing that the river could not be seen from the park. This was corrected in the renovations. The river can now be seen from the concourse area also giving fans a glimpse of the buildings in downtown Harrisburg. The Senators can now show off the park's unique setting. I am sure this view looks even better at night with the buildings lit up.

  • The mascot's name are "Rascal" and "Grrrounder"
  • Relaxed environment to watch a game. The focus is on baseball. There aren't too many other contests and gimmicks throughout the game other than the well-liked "T-Shirt Toss" into the stands.
  • Not sure how to explain it, but despite the park having all the modern amenities, it still had a classic feel to it. The team managed to combine all the elements that modern day fans enjoy, as well as keeping all of the "classic" elements in a park. I was happy to see that Metro Bank Park doesn't seem to have the same "amusement park" feel to it, that many new parks have. They were able to balance the features and atmosphere out nicely.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Banners honoring former players
  • Historic pictures of the park and the city of Harrisburg around the concourse area
  • Harrisburg baseball historical marker outside the park

Origin of Team's Name:

The "Senators" nickname refers to the host city being the capital (Harrisburg) and thus home of the Pennsylvania legislature.



Overall, the "new" Metro Bank Ballpark is definitely in the running to be my choice for "2010 Minor League Ballpark of the Year". We'll see how the rest of my stadium visits this season turn out. Stay tuned. At this point, it's definitely the best Double A park I have been to at this point.



Overall Rating:

Review based on visit on 6/28/09 and 6/27/10.