1510 West 16th St.
Indianapolis, IN


Stadium Opened: 1931
Capacity: 12,934
Dimensions: LF- 335 ft.  CF- 405 ft.   RF- 335 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: Perry Stadium, Victory Field


Bush Stadium was used by the Indianapolis Indians prior to moving to their new ballpark, Victory Field in 1996. The ballpark was originally built as Perry Stadium but was renamed Victory Field in 1942 in reference to World War II. In 1967, it was renamed Bush Stadium. Bush stadium, like Wrigley Field, had ivy growing on it's brick outfield walls. The ballpark was used in the movie, Eight Men Out. The ivy was removed from the walls in 1997, when it was converted into the 16th Street Speedway. The auto racing venture failed and the ballpark began to detoriate and was used as a storage site for "clunker" cars. In 2011, the proposal was made to convert the old ballpark into loft apartments. In 2013, all 138 of the units were leased. Check out the apartments here.

Photos Taken May 2014