2888 Moose Rd.
Kannapolis, NC

Stadium Opened: 1995
Capacity: 4,700
Dimensions: LF 330 ft.  CF 400 ft.  RF 310 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium


Parking is $2 in a paved lot outside the stadium.


There are two permanent concession stands and several portable concessions carts. Food items included: hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, wings, nachos, pretzels, pizza, etc. A bottle of water in 2013 was a reasonable $2.00.



Seating/Stadium Design:

The exterior of the ballpark is made up of a combination of red brick and beige siding. The front of the ballpark is landscaped nicely with flowers. When you enter the ballpark, the team store (Intimidation Station) is to the immediate left.

The concourse area is open to the field and does not provide much shade. There really isn't much of a structure to the ballpark. Behind the home plate area is where the permanent concession stands are, as well as a few portable carts. There is a picnic shelter along the 3rd base side. The luxury suites are located along the first base side.

The seating bowl is comprised of green fold-down seats and aluminum bleachers. There is a section along the 3rd base side that just looks like steps where seats should be, but are not. I am not really sure I understand the point or see the value of this section.

There is a kids play area (Pit-Stop Playground) in right field and the bullpens are located behind the outfield fence.


The atmosphere is pretty laid back at CMC-Northeast Stadium and baseball seems to be the main focus. For the game I attended, the crowd was fairly small and it was a stress-free game. I don't recall seeing a mascot.


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Retired numbers on the outfield wall
  • "South Atlantic League Champions 2005" on brick exterior of ballpark.


Overall Rating:

Review based on visit 7/1/13.