500 Diamond Drive
Lake Elsinore, CA

Stadium Opened: 1994
Capacity: 6,066 (plus Lawn Seating)
Dimensions: LF- 330 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 310 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Parking- $5

Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Very nicely landscaped and maintained. The exterior of the stadium is very nice. There is a tree-lined walkway leading to the park which contains two baseball player sculptures.
  • Nice view of mountains
  • Field can be seen from the concourse
  • Red seats with cupholders
  • Diamond Club Restaurant
  • Two videoboards


  • Diamond Club Restaurant
  • Lack of variety- menu and only ranch for dipping sauce for chicken tenders.
  • Some concession stands closed around the 7th inning.
  • Good value for chicken tenders meal- $7.50 (includes a 20 oz. bottle of soda)




The atmosphere was typical of other new minor league ballparks. I did not feel that the Storm went over the top with their promotions and contests during the game. I am glad that this was kept under control, since some newer ballparks get too carried away. Some of their in-between innings contests included: frisbee frenzy, tug of war, and the Pizza Scream. Prior to the game, a fan was chosen to paint homeplate. Very unique.

"Jackpot"- the mascot comes out and dances after every run scored.

The logo, containing evil looking eyes, is seen throughout the park


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Two retired numbers: Joe Urso and Jake Peavey's numbers


Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 8/17/08