27 Clove Rd.
Little Falls, NJ

Stadium Opened: 1998
Capacity: 3,784
Dimensions: LF- 308 ft.  CF- 398 ft.   RF- 308 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Close to the stadium and free!
  • Large Lot




  • The prices were consistent with other parks at this level. The usual, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, chicken fingers, and ice cream. There are combo meals at the concession stands but they only save you 25-50 cents. Although, I did find a bargain in a can of sode for $1.50. There was also a fresh squeezed lemonade stand. No Dippin-Dots, they have "itty Bitz".

  • There are two main concession stands but most of the time only the stand on the 3rd base side is open. Having concession stands that are closed is one of my pet peeves. They might as well put a sign up that says "We do not want to pay more workers to run this stand....or we are not expecting many fans today."



Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Seats with cupholders
  • Bleacher seats with backs
  • Lawn Seating
  • One Luxury suite
  • On my 2nd visit to this park in August 2008, the stadium appeared to be aging quite rapidly. The upkeep of the stadium appeared to be poor. Garbage and peanuts shells were piled up underneath one section of the general admission seats, which appeared to not have been cleaned up from the previous game. I was not impressed with the cleanliness. The red seats are all fading and looking old, as well.
  • Too much black railing blocking the view.
  • Yogi Berra Museum located near the stadium



Yogi Berra Stadium is located on the campus of Montclair State University. Once you enter the stadium's gate, you go down a set of stairs. The stadium is actually sitting in a "bowl". There is a souvenir shop and an arcade (a big downfall as far as I am concerned, the kids should be there to watch the game.) in the stadium. One of the contests in between innings was called "Dance for your Dinner". There were 3 little kids that each got a turn to dance for 15 seconds or so. The fans voted, through their applause on which kid danced the best. The winner got a voucher for a meal at Applebees. There was also the popular t-shirt launch in between innings. As far as sound effects and music go, there really wasn't too much. There was a trumpet player in the stands that would play something occassionally. The background of the stadium was an office building on Montclair's campus, which actually looked pretty neat lit up at night.

The ushers (or at least the one standing near my seat) didn't really do much during the game. He stood in one spot the whole game and only helped fans who approached him. He stood like a statue the whole game, while 4 kids practically sat on top of the dugout in fron of him and they were never spoken to once. I have been to some parks where if you place so much as a napkin on the dugout, the ushers come over and ask you to remove it. Here, 4 kids were laying their whole bodies on top of the dugout and no one cared.

The atmosphere of the park is hampered by the poor upkeep to the stadium. Most of the cement walls and steps appeared to have rust stains and are in dire need of a power-washing. The front of the press box looks terrible, and is in need of a banner or some kind of sign to cover it up. The chain link fence near the Jackals bullpen is in need of either being straightened up or taken down. The entire area down by the bullpen just looks extremely run-down. Yogi Berra Stadium is very similar too Newark's Riverfront Stadium as far as the poor maintenance goes.

  • Team's mascot is a Jackal named, yep, you guessed it....."Jack"
  • Several promotions such as "Thurs-T-Thursdays", and on the day I attended tickets were less than a gallon of gas: $3.50. Great deal!



Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on 6/18/10.