4700 Deukmejian Dr.
Long Beach, CA

Stadium Opened: 1953
Capacity: 3,238
Dimensions: LF- 348 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 348 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Free parking. Limited parking



  • Poor Quality and high priced concessions. My $5 hot dog was probably the worst tasting hot dog that I have ever had at a game. It had no flavor at all. Very limited selection. Other food options included: tri tip sandwich, bratwurst sandwich, nachos, and frozen lemonade. No pretzels, pizza, chicken, or soft serve ice cream.
  • On the night that I attended, there was a crowd of less than 1000 in attendance and there was on vendor walking around the stadium. He had a good "vendor-type" voice....nice and loud and clear, but he was very intimidating. He would say "Who's got the munchies? Who needs some salty nuts?"...but any fan making eye contact with him, or laughing after he said "salty nuts", was "harrassed" by him. I believe he was being sarcastic, but he kept such a straight face that it came across as him being serious. I made the "mistake" at making eye contact with him and he approached me and said "Why are you looking at me?, You're eye-balling me....is there something I can help you with?". I then noticed that for the rest of the game he spoke to other fans the same way. At one point he said to a fan, " Why are you smiling at me? Do you need something?". The fan said "No thanks" and then the vendor continued to harass him by saying "Why did you look away when I asked you a question? Did you ask anyone else that you were with if they wanted something?" At this point, I really felt the vendor was being inappropriate and harassing the particular fan. Like I said, I believe the vendor thought he was being sarcastic with the fans, but it was very uncomfortable that you couldn't even make eye contact with him, or you were harassed by him. I recommend that he change his "style" or he may find himself seriously offending someone. I certainly wasn't going to purchase something from him and get harassed.




Seating/Stadium Design:


  • Covered grandstand with 2 seating options: bleachers with backs or green fold-down seats. There are also box seats available at a steep $20 per seat.
  • The outfield wall is made of cement blocks.
  • Spacious amount of foul territory
  • Covered grandstand
  • Kids play area contained a San Diego Surf Dawgs inflatable. Hmm....was that on sale somewhere?



  • The atmosphere at Blair Field was a little bit different that what I expected. The few fans that were in attendance were die hard Long Beach Armada fans, which is what I expected. Although, usually when you have dedicated fans like that in an older/historic stadium, the fans are mellow. This was not the case at Blair Field. Some fans heckled the umpire the entire game for making what they thought was a bad call. Some fans heckled the hecklers for heckling the umpire, which didn't help matters much. At one point, I thought some fans were going to get ejected.

    There were some creative in-between innings contests such as, "Hillybilly Horseshoes" (which consisted of throwing toilet seats over a plunger", "Balloon Popping", "Mascot Race" and the "Dizzy Bat Race".




Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 8/18/08