August 18, 2008


Long Beach 6

Chico 2


When we arrived at the park, the stands were pretty much empty. Apparently, we did not need to arrive too early since there wasn't too much to see at the park.

Brian and I sat in front of a group of die-hard Armada fans. It was a group of women who were selling buttons that they had made with photos of the players on them. They were obsessed with the players and obsessed with the buttons. Since we started to feel like we didn't belong among this loyal group of fans, we moved over to the first base side of the park.

The concessions were terrible at the park. My $5 hot dog was probably the worst hot dog I have ever had. There was one vendor walking around the stadium. He had a good "vendor-type" voice....nice and loud and clear, but he was very intimidating. He would say "Who's got the munchies? Who needs some salty nuts?"...but any fan making eye contact with him, or laughing after he said "salty nuts", was "harrassed" by him. I believe he was being sarcastic, but he kept such a straight face that it came across as him being serious. I made the "mistake" at making eye contact with him and he approached me and said "Why are you looking at me?, You're eye-balling me....is there something I can help you with?". I then noticed that for the rest of the game he spoke to other fans the same way. At one point he said to a fan, " Why are you smiling at me? Do you need something?". The fan said "No thanks" and then the vendor continued to harass him by saying "Why did you look away when I asked you a question? Did you ask anyone else that you were with if they wanted something?" At this point, I really felt the vendor was being inappropriate and harassing the particular fan. Like I said, I believe the vendor thought he was being sarcastic with the fans, but it was very uncomfortable that you couldn't even make eye contact with him, or you were harassed by him. I recommend that he change his "style" or he may find himself seriously offending someone. I certainly wasn't going to purchase something from him and get harassed.

Long Beach Armada pitcher, Steve Smyth was the starting pitcher.

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