Aerial Photo

Entrance to the Park

Ted Kluszewski and Ernie Lombardi

Reds Team Store
Awesome View!
Ohio River Beyond Fence
View From my Seat
Smoke Stacks After HR
View from Upper Deck
Visitor's Bullpen
View From Outfield Seats


Great American Ballpark

Surface: Natural Grass
Capacity: 42,941
Dimensions: Left 328 ft.  Center 404 ft. Right  325 ft.
Stadium Opened: 2003

Review is based on my visit on: April 22, 2008

Getting to the Park and Parking: Public parking garages and lots throughout the downtown area. Although, it took me about a half hour of driving around to find somewhere to park....and I was there early. Hopefully, the Reds will have more parking options soon, as they continue to develop the area where the old stadium once stood.

Food: Variety of concessions were available. The local favorites are Skyline Chili and Montgomery Inn ribs. "The Machine Room Grille" was named in honor of the "Big Red Machine" and is a sports bar/restaurant in the outfield.

Reds Hall of Fame and Team Store: Reds Hall of Fame and team store just outside stadium. It was much bigger than I expected it to be, and contained many exhibits. Some of these exhibits were interactive. For example, one exhibit contained an umpire's mask in the wall, in which you were supposed to put your head in and see what its like to be in the umpire's "shoes" (well, "mask" in this case) as a pitch is thrown to home plate. You can them press either the "ball" or "strike" button located at the exhibit and you will be told if you made the correct call.

Seating: The red seats are classy looking. I get tired of seeing green seats all the time, although given the team name this is the only color that makes sense. There is very little foul territory so seats are close to the action. Seats in the outfield are angled towards homeplate for better sightlines.

Pepsi Power Stacks and Riverboat Deck: Located in Centerfield. The smoke stacks emit smoke and fireworks during key moments of the game. The Riverboat Deck is for groups only.

The Mosaics: a tribute to two teams: 1869 Red Stockings, and the 1975 "Big Red Machine" team.

Joe Nuxhall and the Crosley Terrace: The area near the main entrance to the park. It commerates a few famous Reds players. There are bronze statues of: Joe Nuxhall (pitcher), Ernie Lombardi (catcher), Frank Robinson (batter), and Ted Kluszewski (on deck). The grass even slopes up the way it did on the field at Crosley Field. There was no warning track, so the slope in the ground was the "warning". "Rounding third and heading home..."- appears on the outside of the stadium. This was a famous phrase of Joe Nuxhall, former radio announcer.

Field Dimensions: The field dimensions where chosen to commerate the past Reds' ballparks. Centerfield is 404ft with an 8 foot high fence, which was taken from Cinergy Field (Riverfront Stadium), left field is 328 ft., with a 12 ft. fence, like it was in Crosley Field, Right Field is 325 ft, which is the shortest distance allowed in MLB. The Reds wanted this for their left handed power hitters.

Mascots: Mr. Redlegs and Gapper.

The View: Having never been to Cinergy Field, I have nothing to compare Great American Ball Park to, but I am going to assume that it is a major improvement. GABP is a beautiful park, which is located along the Ohio River. Fans have a great view of the river over the outfield fence. The city skyline is actually in the other direction, so other than the "gap" in the stands, there is no view of city buildings from your seat.

Overall Rating: 8