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Outside the Stadium

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Johnny Damon
View From Our Seats
View from the CN Tower
View of the Field
View of Hotel & Videoboard
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Rogers Centre

Surface: FieldTurf
Capacity: 50,516
Dimensions: Left 328 ft.  Center 400 ft. Right  328 ft.
Stadium Opened: June 5, 2989

Review is based on my visit on: April 18, 2006

On Your Way into the Game: When I attended a game, I was fortunate enough to be staying at a hotel that was within walking distance of the Rogers Centre. Along the way to the stadium numerous hot dog and fries stands line Front St. Just like most other parks, concessions are cheaper outside the stadium. You might want to get a snack on your way in or while you are waiting for the gates to open.


Food: Before the start of the 2005 season, the concession stands in Rogers Centre were all renovated.  From what I have heard, food selection was improved drastically. The stadium contained the usual:  pizza, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, etc.

Retractable Roof:  The game I went to was played with the roof closed.  From what I have heard, it is a completely different atmosphere when the dome is open and you can see the city lights, CN Tower, etc.  When the roof is closed, it feels more like a shopping mall with a baseball field inside.  


  • Ushers waited until the middle of an inning to let fans walk back to their seats when they returned from the concession stands so that your view was not constantly being obstructed.  I have never seen this done anywhere, or at least actually enforced.

  • Security was strict and right on top of inappropriate language by fans.


Ballpark Features: Most of this I learned on the tour of Rogers Centre. I had more appreciation for the stadium after taking the tour. if I hadn't taken the tour, I probably would have give this park a lower rating, but it was really interesting learning about all the features this park has that your average visitor would not know about.

  • 70 Hotel rooms which overlook the field.

  • Hard Rock Café’ located in the stadium

  • Large Jumbotron screen – 33 x 100 feet.

  • 2 restaurants in the outfield overlooking the field:  “Windows” and “Sightlines”.

  • There are no bleachers.

  • Seats in the upper level are cushioned.

  • The pitcher’s mound is actually floating on water so that the water can be drained and the mound is then lowered so other sports can use the field.

  • Several of the seats are on tracks and move in order to switch from baseball mode to football mode.

Large Videoboard

View From Standing on the Field in the Outfield

This is what the turf looks like...it's in pieces.

Inside a Luxury Suite

Overall Rating: 6.5

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