2040 Gyorko Dr.
Granville, WV


Stadium Opened: 2015
Capacity: 3,500
Dimensions: LF- 325 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 325 ft.
Surface:Artificial Turf except for Pitchers Mound
Former Names of Ballpark: none



  • Parking is $3
  • parking is free in the University Town Center Wal-mart in spots striped with white

Seating/Stadium Design:

Fans enter the ballpark in the outfield and follow the bear paws on the sidewalk to the main concourse area. The ballpark is built into a hill so there isn't really a front to the ballpark. The ballpark has a grass berm area but there are signs on the berm telling fans to keep off. Apparently when the ballpark was built, they made a mistake and made the berms too steep, therefore they are declared unsafe. A huge blunder!


The type of seats used in the seating bowl feels very cheap. They basically screwed seats on top of metal bleachers. On the positive side, the seating bowl is sloped well enough to allow for good viewing of the game. On the negative side, in my opinion, the netting covers the whole seating bowl. This is frustrating to me when I want to take pictures. The concourse does not wrap around the entire ballpark but fans can still overlook the bullpen in right field.


The concourse is open to the field but since it is a little on the narrow side, you really need to pay attention when standing in line for concessions.



  • Food is pricey for a minor league ballpark, cheapest hot dog in 2015 was $4, pretzel was $4.50
  • There are several concessions carts lining the concourse, but they were covered with white tents on top and it wasn't even clear what they were selling and/or prices. Very poor design.
  • Pepperoni Roll is regional concession item.

Loaded Pepperoni Roll


Regular Pepperoni Roll


The ballpark didn't feel like it had much character at all....artificial turf has that effect. The only memorable feature was the mountains off in the distance. The cheap seating and artificial turf, just made the ballpark feel unmemorable.


The team's mascot is a Black Bear, who was very active during the game.


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • The only reference I saw to the Pirates was the banner, "The bucs start here"


Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on 8/28/15.



Photos taken August 2015