1251 21st Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, SC


Stadium Opened: 1999
Capacity: 4,800 (fixed seats only) 6,599 with Standing Room
Dimensions: LF- 308 ft.  CF- 400 ft.   RF- 328 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: Coastal Federal Field
, BB&T Coastal Field



  • General Parking is located off Grissom Parkway
  • parking is free, paved lot
  • On a busy night, traffic does start to back-up onto Grissom Parkway from the parking lot. Arrive early to avoid this back-up.


  • Food is pricey for a minor league ballpark
  • Cheapest hot dog is $5.75, that's practically a n MLB ballpark price.
  • Not much variety. There were a few seafood items...crab cake sandwich, or crab fries.

Seating/Stadium Design:

The ballpark is located about 10 blocks (approximately one mile) from the ocean right near the tourist attraction, Broadway at the Beach. Oceanfront hotels can be seen in the distance beyond the outfield walls. A water tower can be seen in the distance on the first base side. The exterior of the ballpark is comprised of red brick columns with a green roof. Fans enter the ballpark from the parking lot into the right field concourse area. If you want to take a photo of the front of the ballpark, you need to walk around towards 21st Ave. North. Once fans enter the ballpark, the first thing they pass is the kids playground area. This concourse area also contains some concession stands. More concession stands are located underneath the stands, not in view of the field. On the day I went, the concourses were very crowded. This ballpark can't really handle a capacity crowd comfortably. There is plenty of room in the outfield, I think they should consider a 360 degree concourse and maybe move the kids play area out there to give more room in the concourse/entry area.

Looking out towards the entry gate

On the 3rd base side of the ballpark is a mini Wrigley Field (The Pelicans are an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs) in an area called the Bob Grissom (a former mayor) Plaza. The baseball diamond is made up of engraved bricks. There are also some bounces houses and such right near this area up on the hill.

The "beach" is located in the left field area. It contains sand, a few tables, a replica lifeguard stand, and some palm trees. According to the team website, this area can hold up to 120 people for a group outing. The "beach" is located next to the visitors' bullpen.


The Beach

The seating bowl consists of dark green fold-down seats and as well as bleachers (which are reserved NOT general admission). The team website said the seats are from Fulton County Stadium but I don't understand this, since the seats were red and blue at Fulton County Stadium. There is a good amount of shade on the two end sections of seating in the upper level which has a green roof overhead. Unfortunately, this area contains bleachers without backs and are reserved seats rather than general admission. Also, some of the sight lines are obstructed if you sit on the ends of the rows in the last section on each side. The boxed seats extend further down the baselines than the reserved seats above the middle concourse which divides the two areas. There is a bleacher section in left field which is also reserved seating. Beware, if you sit here, you will be looking directly into the sun for half the game. The fans sitting here looked miserable.

Bring your sunglasses if you plan on sitting in left field

There is a team store in the concourse called The Pelican Pro Shop. There is also a picnic area in right field.


I am always a little leary of ballparks in vacation spots. There tends to be a lot of people there who are completely disinterested in the game. I would say her at TicketReturn.com Field it is about half and half. So, overall not too bad of an experience if you are a die-hard baseball fan. There are two mascots, "Splash", a pelican and "Rally Shark". I am not a big fan of having mroe than one mascot. The 2nd mascot always seems like an afterthought (which it usually is and is never as good. "Splash" is cute with his flip-flops, but the "Rally Shark" looked a little clownish to me.

"Splash", a pelican

"Rally Shark"

There is also a dog, "Canine" who carries out a basket of baseballs to the umpire during one of the innings. While cute, I didn't really see the purpose or connection to the team name or theme.

I thought the tickets were a little over priced and I am not a fan of charging game-day prices for tickets, especially at this ballpark where many fans are vacationers who are making a last minute decision to go to the game. Welcome these fans, don't punish them with higher prices.

Despite the heat of the south, there is a nice breeze inside the ballpark from the ocean.

There are free programs called "Inflight Magazine".

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Mini Wrigley Field, as mentioned above
  • Message from current Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Maddon on the video board before the start of the game informing fans they are watching the future Chicago Cubs
  • "Road to the Show" plaque in concourse

Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on 7/2/15.



Photos taken July 2015