September 5, 2010

Attendance: 686

Pittsfield 10

Sussex 1

Sussex's Nick Giarraputo warming up before the game.

The Starting Pitcher for Pittsfield was Jon Venters.

Caleb Stewart takes a big swing.

The Starting Pitcher for Sussex was Mike Vicaro.

Jerod Edmondson at bat for Pittsfield.

Angel Molina

Pittsfield's Jason Taylor at bat.

Nick Giarraputo

Mike Vicaro looks in for the sign.

Right Fielder, Angel Molina waving to me.

Vincent Blue returning to the dugout.

Rene Ruiz walking back to the dugout.

#3 Joe Persichina sliding into 2nd Base.

Manager Ed Ott appears to be all smiles despite losing 10-1.



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