250 Evans Ave.
Reno, NV

Stadium Opened: 2009
Capacity: 9,100
Dimensions: LF- 339 ft.  CF- 410 ft.   RF- 340 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: Aces Ballpark


  • $5 - $10 parking in nearby parking garages.




The concession lines moved very slowly. The workers didn't seem to have a very efficient system. Fans ordered a hot dog and the cashier would ring it up and then walk all the way in the back to the kitchen to fetch it themselves. Just took way too long. So either more stands are needed or the efficiency of the current stands need to be improved. It wasn't helping matters that when a fan orders a bottle of water, the cashier has to open it for them and dispose of the cap. This whole "cap-keeping" nonsense really bothers me. I have been to about 200 baseball games and I have never once witnessed fans throwing caps in the seating areas, folks! Why can't fans keep the cap? It's really irritating to me. Also, for every fountain drink, fans couldn't just help themselves to straws on the counter....the cashier had to hand them one from behind the counter. Really, Reno? Are we that stingy? I am surprised they didn't count out the number of napkins I took.

As far as the food goes......$4.50 is the cheapest hot dog available, even for kids. I had a $6 pulled pork sandwich from a stand-alone cart which was pretty good. The Aces are known for their famous $13 sandwich, the Triple Play Barbecue Sandwich (See picture below). The fountain drinks were all RC Cola brand, which is a really cheap tasting cola, in my opinion.Yuck. It's very rare to see something other than Coke or Pepsi products, but I did enjoy that I could get Sunkist here.




Seating/Stadium Design:

The park sits back off the road a little bit and there is a large open grass area which doesn't serve much of a purpose.  If the Aces had an abundance of space for their park, this wouldn't be an issue and I wouldn't be as critical of this.....  but, the outfield concourse area is crammed because there are railroad tracks behind the park.  To me, it would have made sense to pull the whole park forward, which then would have left more space before the railroad tracks. 
For a newer ballpark, the concourse was way too narrow.  The seats past the base lines need to be angled toward home plate.  The aisles throughout the seating bowl are narrow because there is a railing running down the middle of the aisle.  All of the sound (PA announcements, music, etc.) comes from a speaker in centerfield, so that takes a little bit to get used to.  Typically sound comes more from the seating bowl area.  The centerfield scoreboard was a little too small, making it a little difficult to read.  



The Aces have the potential of creating an atmosphere filled with a lot of character, due to it's location in downtown Reno, near all the casinos....but they really did not take advantage of the casino theme, except for their team name.  I expected to see in-between innings contests with a casino theme, or concessions stands with creative names with gambling references.  Instead, the Aces went with calling the concession stands "Refreshments"--how creative!  That's boring! 

The Aces have a mascot.  His name is "Archie".  During the 7th inning stretch, there was a HUGE inflatable baseball with a face on it that came up from behind the back of the centerfield wall.  The baseball's mouth moved as if it was singing "Take me out to the ballgame".  This was probably my favorite part of my entire stadium visit.  Very unique....never seen this done anywhere.  Also, the grounds crew danced twice throughout the game to some hip-hop songs with non-family friendly lyrics and a few non-family friendly dance moves. How classy. Not to mention the fact that it is a little bit of a copy cat of the Yankee Stadium grounds crew. I will say that some of the crew were actually fairly decent dancers....at least most of the crowd was entertained.

The ushers certainly didn't help create any type of relaxed atmosphere.  We had seats just past the first base line and they were about halfway up in the seating bowl.....generally not seats that other fans would try to sneak down to.......but I guess the usher didn't believe that theory.  As we tried to walk down to our seats and started walking down the aisle in our section, we were rudely yelled at.."TICKETS...TICKETS...TICKETS!"  The usher felt that he needed to yell to us so that we could come back and show him that we actually did have seats for that section.  Really?  Is that necessary?  Then, we left our seats and went to get concessions.  When we came back, we were asked for our tickets again to be allowed back down to our seat.  I always love when you have expensive concessions in your hands and ushers want you to juggle everything to find your ticket, just to prove to them that you do actually have seats in that particular less than desirable section.  It's not like we were sitting in an exclusive seating area behind home plate.  Come on Reno, lighten up! Below is the stern usher.....

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

Nothing that I saw....


Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on 7/23/10.