1 Morrie Silver Way
Rochester, NY

Stadium Opened: 1996
Capacity: 10,868
Dimensions: LF- 335 ft.  CF- 402 ft.   RF- 322 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • A hefty $5
  • 2 large lots near the stadium



HUGE variety of food: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, ice cream (soft serve and Dippin' Dots), nachos, pretzels, chicken fingers, sausage sandwiches, cheese steaks, mexican foods, even crepes at a bakery stand.

Gluten-Free concession stand





Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Lawn Seating in the outfield.
  • Many picnic areas
  • Clubhouse Store
  • Seats with cupholders
  • Organist played sound effects
  • One level of seating. The stadium should have been designed with two levels, since getting to the upper sections requires a lot of step climbing.
  • Flowers/landscaping beyond outfield fence
  • Nut Free Zone



  • Before coming to Frontier Field, I didn't have much hope for this stadium, especially after reading Brian Merzbach's review on www.ballparkreviews.com. He criticized Frontier Field, remarking that it was not an improvement upon their older stadium. I have to say that I thought this park was absolutely beautiful! Renovations were done in 2007 and Brian visited the park in 1998, so that could be the main reason for the difference in opinion. Since Brian is a friend of mine, I will have to encourage him to give Frontier Field another chance. The park looked brand new to me. The dark green seats (yes, I know this color is overused, but it did look classy) and well manicured grass looked magnificent. The downtown skyline of Rochester in the background, also contributed to such wonderful scenery. The park was absolutely spotless. It is very evident that the Redwings ownership takes extreme pride in their stadium.
  • There were minimal sound effects, which added to the enjoyment of the game. The sound effects that were heard were played by the organist, which gave the stadium some character. The in between innings contests were also kept to a minimum and there was not a huge kids play area, which made the focus at Frontier Field, the game.
  • The stadium had character with the red brick exterior, downtown skyline and train seen in background.
  • Cool statue of "RedWing"

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Redwings "Wall of Fame"

Origin of Team's Name:

  • Previously, the Redwings have been affiliates of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Baltimore Orioles, respectively. The bird theme made sense in the past, but now they are affiliated with the Minnesota Twins, but sense the Redwings are the oldest minor league baseball team, maybe they are keeping with tradition.



Overall Rating:

Review based on stadium visits on 6/29/09 and 7/8/12.Click on the date for game photos.