1 Provident Park Dr.
Pomona, NY

Stadium Opened: 2011
Capacity: 4,500
Dimensions: LF- 313 ft. CF- 403 ft. RF- 323 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • $5 parking - a bit steep for the Can.-Am. League, but at least the lot is paved and lined.
  • Traffic was backed up getting into the park over an hour before the game. Way too early for their to be a slow flow of traffic getting into the park.
  • One way and one way out of park could be an issue for traffic flow with big crowds.



  • Many concessions were VERY pricey...not even just for minor league baseball, but for MLB as well. the cheapest hot dog was $4.50. In my opinion, parks always need to offer a small hot dog for around $2.50. I'm sure the $4.50 was a good size, but not everyone needs such a large size.
  • Beverage prices were more consistent with other minor league parks.
  • Most items are served as a "basket" with fries. Very few items can be purchased individually. I am not happy when fans are "forced" into buying an expensive "basket" with fries rather than just items individually. It's fine to offer baskets, but also give fans the option of buying items seperately. This was my biggest complaint!
  • Pizza, "Boulders on a Bun" (Meatball Sandwich), Italian Sausage, Ice Cream (Breyers), cotton candy was a smaller portion that I have usually seen at other parks and it was $4...a bit steep. Pretzels were $4.00. They were a good size but no where near the size of a Yankee Stadium pretzel which only goes for 75 cents more.
  • Variety of hot dogs at a stand called "Hot Dog Nation" ranging from $7.00-$8.50.....also a bit steep.


Seating/Stadium Design:

  • 360 degree concourse.
  • Seating bowl on the 3B side extends down to the foul pole. I'd rather see seats higher up in the infield than extending so far down the lines.
  • Seating bowl could be slightly steeper to improve view of the field.
  • "Bridge Bar" adds a very unique touch to the left field area. Fans can get up close and personal to the visiting teams bullpen.
  • Bleachers in left field, or as the Boulders call them "Reserved Grandstand". More concession carts need to be out in this area.
  • Bar seating in right/center field called the "Billboard Seats".
  • Loge Boxes on field level
  • Team store
  • Kids play area called "BoulderBerg"
  • Picnic Deck - $21 per person, minimum of 20 people. A little bit pricier than most minor league parks.
  • "Dugout of Dreams" - $1200 per group - maximum of 30 people.
  • "The Corona Short Porch" seating area - $25 per person for two and a half hours of "all you can eat" buffet. Minimum of 20 guests.
  • Luxury Suites
  • HD Videoboard
  • Too much exposed concrete which needed painting on billboards. I am hoping this is just due to the fact that the park was rushed.
  • Too many wide open spaces that are in need of picnic tables or concession carts. Again, I am hoping this is just due to the rushed opening of the park.
  • Ballpark is in need of white boards posting the line-ups somewhere in the concourse.



The atmosphere at Provident Bank Park focuses on baseball and not all of the other non-sense that some newer parks tend to focus on. Provident Bank Park is a short drive from Dutchess Stadium (Home of the Hudson Valley Renegades) and by far has a much better atmosphere. Pointless sound effects are not blared every two seconds like at "The Dutch". The PA announcer at PBP does his job well and does not add his commentary into the game. Although, the Boulders do feature a dance team, they still managed to tame down the atmosphere to my liking. On my visit, the dance team only came out once, so that seems like something that can be eliminated. It's not necessary when the fans were started a cheer of "Let's go Boulders" several times throughout the game on their own, and didn't need a mascot, dance team, or video board to instruct them to do so.

There are little to no ushers in the seating area. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. I am capable of finding my seat so I don't need help, but if I were to get hit with a ball, would anyone know? Or, if kids were running up and down the aisles and climbing on seats, would anyone stop them? I can't say I have ever seen a new ballpark without ushers.

The mascot's name is "Boulder Bird". He was not seen too often throughout the game. I never saw him in the seating area, he remained in the concourse area. He wasn't dancing on top of the dugout during an inning like at some parks, which is very dangerous and distracting to fans. I liked that he remained up in the concourse, although he could have came down on top of the dugouts in between innings.

No programs during first home stand. Unacceptable.....it wasn't a surprise to them that their season was starting. We were told they wouldn't be in until next week. They should be absolutely embarrassed by this, although they didn't express that when they told us that they didn't have any. Come on, at least photocopy the rosters and have those available or something. Not a good first impression as far as that goes. But don't worry, they had their play area all set to go!! I can see where the priorities are.

The stone work adds a nice touch to the ballpark, as well as the nice mountain views which can be seen from the "Sunset Deck".


ecognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Nothing that I recall


Overall Rating:

Review based on visit on 6/18/11.