6400 Hobbs Road
Salisbury, MD

Stadium Opened: 1997
Capacity: 6,000
Dimensions: LF- 309 ft.  CF- 402 ft.   RF- 309 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None



  • Parking was free.



  • Food prices consistent with most minor league stadiums
  • Picnic area behind homeplate
  • There is a separate concession stand for kids in the kids play area

Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Carousel located in the concourse area in left field
  • Lawn Seating also available
  • Dark green fold down seats in the seating bowl


  • Mascot is an orange shorebird named "Sherman"
  • Sat next to the "unofficial mascot" who sits behind homeplate and has large glasses and taunts the umpire when he makes a bad call.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

Origin of Team's Name:

  • The name "Shorebirds" refers to the marine waterfowl of the region.

  • Delmarva is a name derived from the states that govern counties on the peninsula east of the Chesapeake Bay: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.



Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 7/24/06.