235 Montage Mountain Rd.
Moosic, PA

Stadium Opened: 2013
Capacity: 10,000
Dimensions: LF 330 ft.  CF 408 ft.  RF 330 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


Parking is no longer free at PNC Field as of 2015. What a shame!! It's now $4 to park. There are two large dirt lots. Due to the increase in attendance, the parking lots are very tight. Almost too tight. The attendants tend to park the rows very close together which makes it difficult to get out after the game. I usually hope I get a "pull through" spot so that it is easier to get out. If attendance stays this way, something needs to be done about the parking. The lots should be paved with lines so that the attendants can't jam the cars together so close that it is close to impossible to get out after the game.


I was hoping with the renovation that the concessions would be as good as they were back when the ballpark was known as Lackawanna County Stadium. While they did bring back a few concession options that had vanished a few years ago, compared to other brand new ballparks, I still feel that PNC Field has room for improvement. Some of the concessions include:

Revello's Pizza

Sweet Shop

Laurel Line Grille - Grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, burgers, fries, etc.

Bent Buckle - BBQ Items

Powerhouse Grille - same as Laurel Line Grille

Electric Eatery- Hot dogs, pretzels, cheese steaks, pierogies, corn dogs, etc.

Hot Potato - Potato pancakes

Dippin Dots

RailRiders Grille

Crazy Cow -Ice Cream Stand



Seating/Stadium Design:

The exterior of the ballpark has a rather sterile feel to it. It is very similar to the outside of Nationals Park. I would have preferred to see a brick exterior. I know brick tends to be overused but it still has a classy look to it. This had the look of a spaceship and a little too futuristic for my taste.

  • 360 degree concourse - fans can walk around entire ballpark
  • Kids zone play area beyond outfield wall. I'm not a fan of kids play areas at ballparks but if you are going to have one, this is the place to put it. (In 2017, the play area was moved to the left field concourse area and a bar with seating was put in centerfield in its place)

  • Fans can overlook the bullpens in the outfield. I am a huge fan of this feature at ballparks. Makes for an interesting perspective of the game and also a great spot for taking photos. As of 2015 though, some umbrella tables from the picnic area were placed in front of the away bullpen, so I have a feeling this is going to block some of the view. Not good!
  • Plenty of counter space for fans who prefer to stand and enjoy their concessions

  • Berm area in the oufield. There are two giant rocks near this area that are painted black because they are in the batter's eye. To me, they look like giant pieces of coal to symbolize the coal mining history of this area, but I don't think this was the intent. Either way, it looks good to me.
  • Despite the renovation, the seating bowl was kept at the same slope, which is one of the best sightlines in the Minors. No problem seeing over fans seated in front. To me, this is the most important part of designing a seating bowl. Coming from someone who actually didn't mind the upper deck at the old ballpark, I am certainly not turned off by feeling like you are sitting a little higher.
  • Seating bowl is comprised of blue fold-down seats and aluminum bleachers with backs.
  • Party Pavillion in left field and RailHouse seats in right field.

  • Team Store - SWB Station
  • Mohegan Sun Club & Suite Level
  • In 2017, the netting behind home plate was extended to the end of each dugout. You can no longer get good photos unless you are past the dugouts. Booooo. I know it's for safety, but I still don't like when ballparks do this.


The stadium is nestled in the Montage Mountain Ski resort area.  Therefore, the centerfield view out of the stadium is very scenic. One of my favorite features of the ballpark is the "woodsy" area behind the right field wall. As fans walk through the "Homer Zone" area, it feels like they are walking through the woods with the mountain right next to the sidewalk. Nice touch. This is one of the features that makes the ballpark memorable and sets it apart from other new parks.

  • For the most part, baseball is the main focus (as it should be).
  • I really liked the opening video before the starting lineups.
  • As far as sound effects, the stadium played the usual baseball type music, without going overboard.
  • The stadium is very clean. Ushers and stadium staff are easily accessible and friendly. If you are looking for a stress free, relaxing environment to watch baseball, PNC Field is the place to go. I much prefer the atmosphere at PNC Field than at nearby Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, PA.
  • Free programs are given out at the gate on your way in to the ballpark.
  • Mascots - "Champ" and "Quills". During my visits in 2017, I don't think I saw "Quills" or "Mr. Incrediball" once. Not sure if they are getting rid of these mascots or what is happening, but they are never around.

One of the in-between innings games on the videoboard was the Trolley Race. This was a good reference to the nearby trolley station.

Overall, I felt a little more could have been done to incorporate the train theme more into the ballpark. Hopefully, after one year under their belt, they will come up with more ideas.

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • "Champ" was kept as one of the mascots.
  • Pinstripes and the interlocking "NY" are part of the players' uniforms.
  • Where did all the great historic Yankees posters go from the concourse before the renovation?? These were great.
  • The Legends Race features "Billy Martin", "Mickey Mantle", "Joe Dimaggio" and "Thurman Munson". It is very cool and a highlight of the game.


Overall Rating:

Review based on many visits to PNC Field.