August 13, 2010

Attendance: 1,093

Quebec 5

Sussex 6


We have good seats for this game, therefore I have a lot of good photos.

Manager Ed Ott talking to a fan before the game.

The starting pitcher for Sussex was Trevor Marcotte.

Quebec's Josh Colafemina connects on a pitch.

Sebastien Boucher takes a swing.

Pete LaForest

The starting pitcher for Quebec was Troy Cate.

Sussex's lead off hitter, Kraig Binick. Binick went 2 for 3 in the game.

Joe Persichina

Carl Loedenthal

Nick Giarraputo

Kraig Binick sliding into second base.

Quebec's pitcher Troy Cate having words with the umpire. He seemed determined to get thrown out.

Even after getting ejected, he still wanted to get his money's worth. This was probably the most entertaining argument I have seen. After Cate got back to the clubhouse, he came back out onto the steps to the clubhouse and talked on his cell phone. He was probably calling someone to complain about getting thrown out.

Quebec's third basemen, Michael Thompson talking to Sussex manager, Ed Ott.

Nick Giarraputo

Duaner Sanchez came in to get the save. Sanchez played in the majors prior to joining the Skyhawks.


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