951 Ballpark Way
Winston-Salem, NC

Stadium Opened: 2010
Capacity: 5,500
Dimensions: LF- 315 ft.  CF- 399 ft.   RF- 323 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass

Former Names of Ballpark: None


  • Limited parking for non-season ticket holders
  • There is a free shuttle that runs called the "Downtown Express" shuttle which takes fans to and from remote parking areas.
  • When leaving the stadium, fans must walk up a steep hill to get to the parking areas



  • In 2012, the cheapest hot dog was $3.50
  • In 2012, the cheapest soda and bottle of water were $3.00 each
  • Value Meals with drinks and fries were available
  • Garlic fries, popcorn fries, cajun fries, and sweet potatoe fries available.
  • Bolt's Diner concession trailer in the outfield concourse area.
  • Not a huge variety of concessions. I was disappointed to see that they didn't even have dipping sauce for chicken tenders.


Seating/Stadium Design:

The exterior of the ballpark is made up of red brick and the park is situated very close to the highway. Fans enter the ballpark in the outfield. They receive a free program on the way in the park.

There is what appears to be a temporary ticket booth and a team store. I am not sure if these are permanent or not, they certainly don't look that way. The concourses throughout the ballpark are spacious. There is a large picnic area in right field, as well as picnic tables in the outfield concourse grassy area. There is a large baseball mural in the outfield concourse area which gives the park some character. The carousel that is located in the outfield concourse was brought over from Ernie Shore Field. There is very little shade, if any, in the outfield concourse area and picnic area.

Due to the positioning of the stadium, I could not get a photo of what I would consider the front of the stadium. Even though the ballpark did have a 360 degree concourse, I felt like it didn't because I couldn't see the exterior in the front.



  • Lacked a little character and charm, the ballpark is forgettable.
  • The "bridge" connecting the grandstand to the outfield concourse in right field adds a touch of character. This would have been a good place to add some counter space along the railing for fans to stand and put a drink on. Batting cages for the players are below the "bridge".
  • Mascot: "Bolt". Not exactly sure what he is supposed to be....he is a red furry monster with a lightning bolt through his head.
  • There aren't too many billboards cluttering up the outfield like in many other ballparks, which was nice to see.
  • I attended a mid-week day game in which there was a rather sparse crowd of mostly disinterested campers, so I don't think I got the full effect of the atmosphere.


Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • History of Winston-Salem baseball along the 3rd base side concourse.

The blue dot is the location of the ballpark before it was constructed.


Overall Rating:

Review is based on my visit on 6/27/12. Click on the date for game photos.



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