5 Brooks Robinson Way
York, PA

Stadium Opened: 2007
Capacity: 5,200
Dimensions: LF- 300 ft. CF- 405 ft. RF- 326 ft.
Surface: Natural Grass
Former Names of Ballpark: Sovereign Bank Stadium


  • The stadium is located in a downtown area so there are various public lots ranging from $3-$5.



  • 2 main concession stands and several stand-alone specialty stands.
  • Good variety of food- chicken fingers, fries, Turky Hill ice cream, pretzels, nachos, Philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, etc.
  • Prices were similar to other parks. The best value was probably the chicken fingers and fries for $6.50. There were 4 chicken fingers and a massive amount of fries. Almost too much food for one person. Also, a 20oz. Turkey Hill lemonade or ice tea was only $2.75.



Seating/Stadium Design:

  • Bud Light Picnic Pavillion
  • Capitol Hill Lawn Seating
  • Height of left field wall (The Arch Nemesis)- 37.7 feet (Taller than the "Green Monster")
  • Brooks Robinson Plaza- Home plate Entrance of the park
  • Four scoreboards, including a manual scoreboard located on the "Arch Nemesis"
  • Cannon is fired after a York Homerun. "Cannonball Charlie" fires the cannon.
  • Kids Play Area
  • First Cap Team Store



Sovereign Bank Stadium is very similar to Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, a short drive from York. The similarity immediately diminished my hopes of finding any originality or character at Sovereign Bank Stadium. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised that there seemed to be more character here than at the park in Lancaster. The "Green Monster"-like wall in left field (known as the "Arch Nemisis") certainly makes this park unique from others. I just wish that the wall was not green though, possibly blue seats and a blue wall would have made this not look so much of a "copy-cat" aspect of the park. There was a manual scoreboard located on the wall. Although, exactly the same as Fenway, but at least it added character to the park. If I was a Red Sox fan, I think I would have had more of an issue with this wall, but luckily I am not. The next aspect of the stadium that added character was the fans. Sitting in section 5 is a man by the name of Don Kain who started a rally cheer for the Revolution by yelling "Hit the Wall!". He got his idea while attending a game in Lancaster in which he heard their fans do their cheer, "Everybody hits!". Don wears a shirt the has a logo on the back that has a baseball with "Section 5" and "Hit the Wall" on it. He stands up to lead the cheer so everyone can see his shirt. Lastly, the firing of a cannon by "Cannonball Charlie" after a York homerun also adds something unique to the park to set it apart from others. Overall, I think this park is slightly more memorable than Lancaster's.

  • Mascot's name is "Downtown"
  • Free Programs

Recognition of Team's History and/or MLB Affiliate:

  • Nothing that I recall



Overall Rating:

Review is based on many visit on 7/27/08 and 9/15/13.