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Kauffman Stadium

Surface: Natural Grass
Capacity: 38,177
Dimensions: Left 330 ft.  Center 410 ft. Right  330 ft.
Stadium Opened: April 10, 1973

Review is based on my visit on: April 12, 2009


Parking.....Bring your Walking Shoes: Parking is listed at $10 in 2011. There are large lots around the stadium. Fans have the potential of parking really far from the stadium if they don't arrive early. Also, I think parking lots take longer to get out of than parking garages. I was not a fan of the "prison-like" fence surrounding the park. Hopefully, this is just temporary until the renovations are done because it looks terrible.

Food: Classic ballpark food such as hot dogs and peanuts at KC Crown Classics stands, pizza, and BBQ. The bar in the outfield concourse area is called the "Fountain Bar". During my visit, I ordered a "large" fries from a concession stand in the concourse area and I wanted to give it back to them and say "You forgot to put the fries in." Ridiculous.

Round and Round and Round: Long circular ramps lead to the upper deck. These are very annoying and time consuming. If the Royals actually drew large crowds, then maybe they would be useful in getting fans out of the stadium faster, but since they don't, they are just pointless and make me feel like I am at a football stadium.

No Corporate Sponsor: Kauffman Stadium is one of only a few stadiums left to not have the name of a corporate sponsor in its name. Good for them!

Team Store: There is a large team store (which, by the way, does not sell batteries which I was in desperate need of since my camera batteries died about 10 minutes into my visit, So "booooooo, to you, team store")

The "Outfield Experience" and the "K Crew": The outfield concourse area is called the "Outfield Experience". It contains various activities for kids such as mini golf, baserun, "The Little K" field, playground, and a carousel. Contrary to the Royals intentions, the "Outfield Experience" did NOT enhance my experience at Kauffman Stadium, it actually lowered their score. There is no need for this area or for carousels to be in a baseball stadium. I repeat, there is no need to have a carousel. This is a ballpark, NOT a carnival. If you aren't interested in the game, then stay home. Areas like this in ballparks really annoy me. All this does is teach children that they don't need to be able to sit still EVER in the life because there is always going to be something other than the "main event" to entertain them if they get bored.

The Royals have the "K Crew", which according to their website is "a fun an energetic bunch dedicated to entertaining Royals fans young and old." I just feel a group like this is not necessary. The game should be entertainment enough. I can't believe a Major League team has something like this.....if I have to see a "fun squad" of some sort, at least let it be at the Minor League level. The "Outfield Experience" and the "K Crew" really caused Kauffman Stadium's rating to go down.



Base Run

If it's not broken, don't fix it......now you ruined it: When the "Outfield Experience" was added, the whole look of the stadium changed. Now everything looks different, but not in a good way. It's ruined, in my opinion. What used to be one of the best backdrops beyond the outfield walls, is now gone. I was disappointed that the fountains no longer bubble up like they used to, they just go in a waterfall motion. I thought that the fountains were on before and after the game, but this was not the case. I wonder if this was changed as a result of the recent renovations. I also liked how prior to the renovations, there was a patch of nicely manicured grass in front of the crown video board in centerfield, but that has a new look too. The addition of seats in the outfield also takes away from the nice green grassy area that used to be. Dri-Duck Fountain seats in left field are available day of game only for $7. Fans sitting here are given a special edition Royals hat made exclusively by Dri-Duck.

History: Tributes to past Royals greats: Various statues in the outfield such as George Brett and Frank White, "This Date in History" type stones on the sidewalk, Royals Hall of Fame (which did not open until July 2009, therefore I was not able to go in). The Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat is located in Section 127, row C, seat 9. It is a red seat in which a fan who exemplifies O'Neil's spirit is nominated to watch the game from this location.

Atmosphere: When I attended a game, the crowd was a pitiful 17,000. The Upper Deck was pretty much empty, so this attributed for the lack of atmosphere. It was also about half Yankees fans and half Royals fans. Where are all the Royals fans? The Royals fans really got into the "Which hat is the ball under?" game. I don't know why people get so into this game. It's like people have to show off their manhood by yelling out which numbered hat, they think the ball is under. Are that many people really impressed by someone's skill in this game?

HD Videoboard: Gigantic (84 ft. wide, and 105 ft. tall) video board with crown on top.


  • Bud Light Party Deck in Right Field.
  • Party Porch in Right-Center Field
  • Blue seats replaced the red seats in 1999-2000.


Overall Rating: 7

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